June 4-5, 2022 Triple Flip Open Tournaments Announcement $7,000+ Prize Money

Triple Flip Open Tournaments at District 82 Pinball
$7,000+ Prize Money with 100 players ($2,000 each tournament plus $1,000 bonus cash)
Series of 3 Full Tournaments over 2 days
Saturday June 4th - Sunday June 5th
All Tournaments will be live stream by Fox Cities Pinball Stream
Cash Prizes for each tournament
Top 3 Overall Cash Prizes for series (in addition to anything else won) sponsored by The Pinball Company
Total Cost $145 ($85 admission + $60 tournament fees)
100% Tournament fees ($20 per tournament) paid to top 8 players in each tournament
All 100+ pinball machines will be on free play the whole weekend

Saturday June 4th
8:00AM Doors Open For Practice
9:00AM Event 1: Classics Target Match Play
3:30PM Event 2: Double Up Match Play
Sunday June 5th
8:00AM Doors Open For Practice
9:00AM Event 3: 10 Strike Progressive Knockout

We are also having a 3 strike knockout on Friday June 3rd for $25 Admission
Friday June 3rd
5PM Doors open for practice
6PM 3 Strike Knockout Starts
No Cash Prizes on the Friday Tournament
So you can play in 4 full tournaments for this weekend
All IFPA Approved
125 Player Cap

Full Details of each event are listed on the District 82 website by clicking the links below
You also register on the website at these links when it opens
The Triple Flip registration will register you for all 3 tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.
You are registering for all 3 at once when you sign up.


Registration for the Flippin’ Friday Knockout Tournament on June 3rd is separate and is not part of the Triple Flip itself.
This registration for this will open 1 hour later on March 19th, 2022 at 10AM CST.
This is a stand alone tournament and you are only registering for this Friday Knockout Tournament at the link below.


Erik Thoren
District 82 Pinball
De Pere, WI


sounds fun, too bad it is the same weekend at our local show.

Nice! I’m not going to this one but considering the ones in August and October.

Question for out-of-towners that have visited D82 — what does your travel look like?

I’d be flying in from Phoenix and the least expensive flights are into O’Hare, but there’s a 2.5–3 hour drive after that, and renting a car for a week would run some $$$. Similar issue with Milwaukee, just a bit less driving.

There are also flights into Green Bay or Appleton, but in that case the flight time is prohibitively long with layovers.

Just wanted to see what some of y’all have come up with to make the travel less painful.

I would definitely take more layovers and travel time to avoid Chicago traffic in and out.

IMO you’re gonna want a car regardless, but for your whole group so one car can be rented and used among everyone in your party to and from the hotel. Flying into Ohare and renting a car with like 3 other people helps pay for the gas and rental fee. If you’re flying solo though it’s much harder to recommend flying into Ohare


i flew into madison and rented a car with turo. I think it was about a two hour drive, no traffic, relatively cheap car rental.


I flew into Green Bay and Uber/Lyfted back and forth. Still cheaper than rental car unless you are splitting costs with someone else.