John Trudeau games to be removed

We will be removing all John Trudeau games from our route depending on the verdict this may be permanent. Is anyone else doing this?

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I feel that would be a huge disservice to the many other people who put their efforts into those games. What happened is awful, but to think that removing those games will help the problem I believe is a mistake. I’m sure there are other ways to get the message across?


Going to give them away for free too?

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Its not a matter of helping or not helping a cause. We as a company do not in anyway want to be associated with a product that maybe connected to Child Porn. And yes the games have been sold at a loss

What percentage of your customers would even know (or care) who designed the game?

I haven’t owned or operated any JT games, but I think that would be the question I’d ask if I was in that situation. When I operated games, my customers were mostly experienced players. They’d be mad if I pulled a great game like GB. They’d understand, but if they had a vote, most would vote to keep the game. As they say, the customer is always right.


I understand why you would remove the games or why someone would sell the games he worked on, but I don’t think operating or owning a game John Trudeau had a hand in endorses his actions or the actions of other people involved in child porn.

That said, if someone has a negative feeling about keeping the stuff around, it’s best to just unload it.

At least wait until (if) he is found or pleads guilty.

and if he settles out of court, then what? assume he’s innocent? that’s kind of disingenuous.

The only time john ever posted on my personal Facebook. was on a picture of my 3year old daughter, might be nothing but in context it is too creepy for my taste. I really hope im wrong

To quote @heyrocker:

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