JJP software update weirdness (solved)

Just read this post from one of our local league officials about updating the Dialed In at his store.


Has anyone else experienced this? Seems like this can’t be the normal way to update your game code. I will pass along any suggestions to him so he’s not afraid to lose his hard drive by doing the next update.

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Sounds like the USB stick with JJP ISO and installer program was left in that person’s PC and it booted it instead of his normal OS.

IIRC, JJP’s programmers were going to have the software look for JJP-specific hardware before actually imaging the drive, but not sure if that got done.

Really, one should never leave a USB drive plugged into any PC that is configured to boot from USB media first, but it’d be good if the JJP update program has built-in sanity checks as well.


Yeah, the USB drive was just left in after it was imaged. It doesn’t have anything to do with the software that was installed.

Yeah, he just confirmed that he left the USB in. Thanks for putting that to bed.

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That little panic attack is never fun!

Unrelated to JJP, but you should never configure your system to boot USB over HD (and probably not CD over HD) unless you are doing it for a specific reason and reverse it afterwards. Anyone with physical access to the system can do whatever they want by just inserting a USB stick with an OS on it and then power cycling.


Indeed. As I stated in that thread, we do look for the dongle now so we don’t nuke your shit. Been that way for a couple of years.

This is only for iso (bootable usb) updates, anyway, which the majority of our updates are not. At least you can download a recovery option if you have a failure!

Anyone with physical access can simply change the setting and then do it anyway. The benefit of USB priority outweighs the risk in most use cases.