Jetspin EM, good for tournaments?

Any view on this? Never played it, have an opportunity to buy one restored at a nice price.

It’s a pretty open, barren playfield, but has a vari-target AND a roto-target, so that’s cool. I don’t know what would be wrong with it.

This game does feature a “Roto” target that exposes random values shown from spins. The game also has an Extra Ball award. There is probably a game adjustment that can disable the extra ball if your tournament rules don’t allow extra balls. The only way to make the “Roto” fair would be to disable the spin function, but this is what makes that game fun.

An interesting* hack would be on anything using a “spinner” (e.g. Jet Spin, Dodge City, Spin-a-Card, etc.) to jury rig it so it advanced 1 step instead of actually being random.

* Note I didn’t say “fun.”

We use Jetspin in league all the time. Good, fun game. All 3 top lanes and the two inlanes spin the roto. So if you like the number you have (1-5) it becomes skillful to try to not spin the roto off the good number. This even comes into play on the plunge. But my favorite way to play the game is left side lane (3k + 3k in bonus), drop catch, repeat. Hard to do but very satisfying!

Thanks, I don’t mind this degree of randomness in a tournament machine, the fact that the player can hit a target to spin again if they don’t like the result (and perhaps accidentally spin when they would prefer not to) works for me.