Jersey Jack Pinball game #4 reveal


The new game from Jersey Jack Pinball will be revealed in less than 24 hours:

  • Licensed theme (heavily rumored to be Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • New designer Eric Meunier (under the guidance of Pat Lawlor)
  • Widebody

Anyone excited?


Definitely. Always awesome to see a new game. Kind of wonder how they will do it if it is POTC. All movies? Most recent? Multiplie versions that represent different movies?

One things for sure, I’m glad Buffalo pinball is revealing it via stream. Hard to tell what was going on last year for DI.


No. I’m tired.

So tired.


I’m sure you’ll pick up tomorrow. Thanks for your hard work. :wink:


Thanks for posting. I’m up already like a kid on Christmas morning. Stream will be fun :slight_smile:


Bummed I’m missing expo this year, excited for a new JJP even though I’m not a huge fan of POTC.
Hopefully it plays like a mix of DI and WoZ


Those 3 spinning discs sure spin a lot during a game.


I like it. Will make it harder to control and make shots. Keep ball times down hopefully. Not too random that it’s cheap imo.


Game looks awesome. I had a big dumb smile just watching the gameplay video. Look forward to it!


Looks like an incredible game! Couldn’t hear the music much. Any licensed music from the films or is it all original music? Great voice actor choice!


Here’s the stream archive if you missed it live:


I just caught the stream replay and I’m pretty blown away. The game looks great. I can’t wait to get some time on it.


GREAT job @KevInBuffalo to you and @Nick_BuffaloPinball


I really like the display below the flippers.


Thanks - saw you in chat but it was hard to keep up with everything. The mad rush to the game and moving gear over was interesting but it all worked out. :slight_smile:


Yeah nice work. Seamless transistion in my book. I know how hard it is to move the gear while live. Haha.

Tons of fun to watch and really appreciate the time you guys put into your streams. Really shows.

Hopefully there are some prototypes at the Louisville show in March.


We were actively disallowed from using movie music.


Damn Disney licensing :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I heard some Pirate-esque music so I assume David Thiel has worked his magic again. Very much looking forward to this now and seriously looking at my collection trying to figure out what the hell I could sell to pick one up.


Huh. The tangled web of the world of licensing never ceases to amaze me.
Silly me… I would think that a licensor would want their licensed IP to look – and sound – as good as possible to paint the licensed property in the best light possible, and give the licensee the best chance of success. Not to say that new arrangements of the music can’t be better than the original… but it’s a shame that JJP wasn’t at least given the option to use some of the music.

Although… the more I think about it, I’m guessing the reason for this could be that getting a license on the soundtrack is a separate negotiation/license with the soundtrack composer/producer. In this case: Hans Zimmer.


Poor Klaus Badelt. Always being overshadowed.