Japanese tournament schedule

Continuing the discussion from Controlling bad feeds (for instance on Bally Wizard! (1975)):

In Tokyo there’s only this, at Neverland, Toyoda, Tokyo prefecture:
[Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! Tournament (PPP) 7] run by TPO
Sunday May 10th
15:00-18:00 (maybe)
fee: 1000 yen (free for under 18-year old), which is presumably not late enough in May.

There’s always an ongoing monthly high-score comp at Neverland as well, but you don’t get the proper competition atmosphere.

However, the monthly at Silver Ball Planet, Amerikamome, Osaka is on the 30th of May. I have no idea what the format is, but it starts at 4:30.

The Japanese scene’s tournament schedule generally is:

1 Monthly in Osaka (Silver Ball Planet)
1 Monthly in Tokyo prefecture (Neverland)
1 monthly high-score comp (Neverland)

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