James Bond 007 Rulesheet

Final wizard mode still not coded?

Not yet. Next update should have the final wizard mode and hopefully logic changes to the movie inserts

Super update btw… Just wondering if the Spectre shots such as right loop and right ramp can be modified due to lack of incentive to go for the right ramp at 2x? Hitting the lockdown bar button can award either shot so why risk going for any shot at all le alone the upper right ramp? Maybe a countdown from 50-100 million?

Three of the modes act this way and I find the main purpose of those shots is to provide you with an alternate way to complete it and earn the perk if you can’t make the side ramp. I’m not sure if they’ll be modified but you raise an interesting point.

Got to the final wizard mode and completed it. A few issues:
1: The ball saver was on for the entire mode… assume this was not meant to happen?
2: I started 7X going into it yet the scores appeared to not have been multiplied.
3: After the mode was over the game finished… :frowning: really not a fan of this personally

  • Ball saver is meant to stay on for the entire mode. The only way a phase can end is if the flip count expires.
  • 007 scoring does not apply to the wizard mode and can’t be brought into it.
  • I don’t mind the non-standard game over, personally, but I can see why it would be offputting.

Captain, your first name does not happen to start with an M by any chance?

1: Yeah forgot about the flipper count
2: Fair enough
3: Needs to be coded like SM/AFM

N, not M, but one letter off!

Nah thought you might have been Mike Vinikour

Ending a game after the final wizard mode is really a slap in the face. Holding 7 Bond Girls till the end and not being able to use them is also offensive to the player. Having both limitations is just over the top. It’s almost as if the game or creators are mad that you played well and want to take their ball home.
Better would be to let us have the Bond women, then on mode completion, reset the progress to the start, but max out the difficulty level on everything.

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I’m ok with the concept of a game ending after you complete an ultimate wizard mode – with one massive caveat: the ultimate wizard mode should be based off of completing all the things (or most things), or collecting enough “items” that are only rewarded after you complete certain modes/multiballs. Not just by grinding and playing modes. In the case of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, it’s awarded to you just for starting and not completing modes. So it’s a pity that the game ends. I think it’s a pity to even award the ultimate wizard mode.

Totally agree with the travesty of taking away and not getting to use your earned Women PFx.

maybe tournament mode should disable the end game part. Or it can be an setting.
And modes that end game is not really covered by IFPA rules in all cases.

PAPA/IFPA rules do have the very good game and max score rules as the closest to covering it.

to make it easy for an TD / TO they can say that any one who gets’ to an end game mode is tied 1st on that game.

If you have players even sniffing an ultimate wizard mode, then the pin is set up far too easy for competition.

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There is no doubt ohmss ending is temporary. I think they even said it would be changed in the next update in the release stream. Lonnie probably ran out time and just went with it. I know that doesn’t help tournaments now so you’ll just have to set the game up more difficult so ohmss isn’t a thought .

And maybe even too easy for location play.
I’m a very good player, but I have not beaten, nor ever expect to fully beat, DrNo, IM, IMDN, FF, JP, TNA, JJPGNR, DP, PF, and many others. I think the newest games I have fully beaten are AIQ, TMNT, and Dialed In, and I may beat Stranger Things someday …