Is there any way to see SCS qualifying info from last year?

It doesn’t show anything when I try to look at last year

So it shows tournaments from 2018 to now, but if you click into each person’s events it will show their top 20.

Is there a way to see who attended the state championships? Also the standings are wrong because they are listed in order including last year and this year.

The SCS events are annually held tournaments, so you can see every year’s participants and results on the IFPA website. It doesn’t show you any seeding information or points earned during the year, but if your question is about who attended the state championship and how they finished, the link above can answer that. (There’s a dropdown under “Event Dates” where you can toggle to previous years’ results rather than the most recent one.)

Appreciate the info. My real question was pretty much how far down the standings they went last year to fill all 24 state championship slots and what the WPPR cutoff was

What state? If it was a super state, I doubt it went much past 30 if that.

We had a massive snow storm in Ohio that prevented players from getting to the venue. I know we had to call alternates the day of to see who could brave the roads.

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This link is what you want, and it only shows 2018 events.

I pointed this out a few months ago in another thread. Seems like the 2018 lists include top 20 in-state tournaments from 2018 plus top 20 from 2019, so a player maxes out at 40. The player’s number of events link will still only show top 20 from 2018 even if the link says 21-40.

@Shep hasn’t fixed it yet.

Florida was a super state in 2019 and the 24th spot was filled by the 33rd seed.

Ethan - Ping Colin or Marcus T and they will be able to tell you. For this year, I’d shot for at most 28th. Right now there looks to be 4 people that wouldn’t come. In recent events everyone from Texas that qualifies generally comes since we are a super state and those that are qualifying aren’t doing it just off one events points so they are active in the community. We may get to 30 if a couple people just have plans or play in another state (for instance Preston normally plays in the Louisianan event) but shoot for 28 or better to have a real chance.

Focus on TPL, Bat City and the Houston Expo. With the changes to league and lack of players you just wont get there anymore with Tuesday Jam. Winning one of those is worth about 5-7 points now. If you can, get out to Houston for some of their events. Those can bring some real good points and you’re good enough now to compete. I think you’ll enjoy them as well. Where they play doesn’t allow minors but during an event I believe they will let you play, especially if your dad attends.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for the info! Hope to see you at Bat City