Is there any difference between segmented flippers and normal flippers?

I was wondering if there was any difference between the segmented flippers you tend to see on Elvira and the Party Monsters and Party Zone, and normal flippers you see on almost all other games.

Are they longer or shorter? Is it just an aesthetic thing?

The segmented flippers are 1/8" longer (just like lightning flippers are 1/8" shorter).


I noticed that Stern put the carrot (segmented) flippers on their Ghostbusters LE in today’s factory tour. Boo-urns!

Oh. I did not know that. I have been wondering if my Dr Dude game was originally shipped with this type of flippers. It does have these on the flyer, but on photos it usually does not.

Of course, these flippers were Bally design. Which Williams kept using for the Bally marked games after they overtook and for a few years on.