Is 'Space Invaders' a good pin for competition?

Who can give me some advice?

1st thing you want to do is make sure that Specials are set to credits, not points. Otherwise, its center loop all day…and night!

Or set to 1 special per game/ball…if that’s a setting. (Don’t remember)

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Just make sure the volume is low, otherwise you’ll have a room full of annoyed pinballers :wink:

It is great for a widebody that era. Difficult game to read the shots off.

Light spinner is a bit luck of the top lane draw.

Might not be possible to shut off EB’s completely. I have had EB’s lit in a competition where I believe I turned it off by the book.

it’s a great game if you want to keep your tournaments short. It can be brutally tough. on the flip side it’s also a fair game with straight forward rules. Players have to use all kinds of flipper and nudging skills to play it well. The center loop shot is lucrative because of the multipliers, but captive ball strategy is where the big points (and big risk) are. Make 4 shots and then each shot is captive ball hit is worth 50k the rest of the game.

I find Space Invaders to be in the same category as Bally Kiss where the top center lane matters a lot, and sometimes a player can get some bumper up and downs that have heavy impact on the outcome.

So I think there are a lot of better options, but I wouldn’t say Space Invaders shouldn’t be used.

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You can cut the the switch from the middle top rollover (like the switch in Skateball’s right inlane) to avoid the ball will roll up…

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