Iron Man EB

Does anyone know how the extra ball on IM is lit? I’m beginning to think that it’s random because I can’t figure out a pattern.

You randomly light it off of the SHIELD Mystery award. There’s no other way to light it.

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In competition play, extra ball is the third random award, and special is the fourth. It’s the same order as Big Buck Hunter.

I remember playing this at Gameworks in Chicago where Player 1 (Josh?) kept getting Light EB from the mystery, 3 or 4 times in a row, I guess from auto-percentaging. It was amazing.

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If multiball or a mode like Bogey are running, the Mystery gives an add a ball or timer extension and doesn’t count in this #3 award scheme. Correct?

Thanks for all the answers! If EB is turned off, how many points do you get instead of the EB?

Substantial: 3M. Same as a Monger super.

Whoa! Now that’s interesting.

We should start a Wiki on how many points EB is worth on different games. For instance, on GOT it is worth 15M.


Done! Now fill that sucker up dudes! :slight_smile:


Yes, and the special is 9 million. Lining up EB + special + RAM on Big Buck Hunter is quite a viable tournament strategy. I once saw Paul Madison beat Sean Grant this way; Sean was almost certain he was going to win until the ramp shot gave 24 million.

And yes, timer extensions and add-a-balls take precedence, in competition and otherwise, on pretty much all of those games.


Nice. So a single shot collecting both EB and Special during 2x scoring? hehehe

That’s it. I recall Paul had it primed and ready at the end of his Ball 2, so as last player he started 15 million behind and was finished within 30 seconds :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. I wish Paul was more active in tournaments these days. I’ve really enjoyed watching him play the few opportunities I’ve had.

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Yeah that was a fun one to watch. My mind is a bit foggy - was that at blainbrook bowl? Or at ifpa a few days later?

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I think it was at Blainbrook Bowl before IFPA Minnesota. Sean seemed pretty confident his score would hold up, and less than a minute later he was dead.