Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet

We are hoping that you have already done this and can do a quick copy and paste here!

Where’s the fun in that?

Dude . . . just say “This is pending licensor approval” . . . that works for EVERYTHING :wink:


I filled in a bunch of stuff from my rough notes and from memory, most of it is probably not accurate! KME gave a very nice and thorough explanation of the rules during the stream. Wish I would have taken better notes! :slight_smile:


I was too busy drooling all over my notepad so i got nothing.

But i think it’s pretty much start a mode and chase the moving arrow around the board for 2 minutes. Do that 18 times and get to the wizard mode…oh wait, wrong game :wink:

LOOP FEATURE- Use upper flippers to shoot loops to build up and light LOOP JACKPOT. Loop awards are displayed in the big loop. Values range from 250k to 2.5mil. Shooting consecutive loops will build up the loop value. Each loop scores the lit value plus adds that value to the LOOP JACKPOT value. Shots to the mini loop lights the 2x loop insert. When the required number of loops is reached the LOOP JACKPOT lamps will come on solid.
LOOP JACKPOT- LOOP JACKPOT lamp lights up solid until the first LOOP JACKPOT is collected. Once collected a 12 second timer will begin. Each consecutive loop shot during this period will score 1x, 2x, 3x etc. the value of the LOOP JACKPOT.


Already more info than Pirates! IMG_1905


There is a classic bit of Maiden history, the reverse message before Still Life on their album Piece of MInd. It would be cool if that message played just prior to the flippers reversing. Complete ‘goal x’, the message plays forward, flippers go back to normal.


Thanks! Are you going to publish something like Dwight did for GOT and GB?

Theres a new short facebook video from the PRO gameplay in Copenhagen. The player starts Aces HIgh and its a 2 ball multiball. I didn’t see that mentioned in the Aces High rules.

Shouldn’t have to if the playfield and rulecard have most of it covered :slight_smile:


An in depth rule doc is forthcoming…




Based on limited play at Cactus Jacks tonight, not sure whether REVIVE letter progress can be done within multiball - anyone know?

Are these power features always limited to one ball? I got all five checked off and couldn’t figure out how to relight them…but it was ball three so I don’t know if they would’ve refreshed on the next ball.

Yes you can


All 5 enables “?”. If you were in a multiball or mode then you have to wait until it’s over before you can start cyborg multiball. Once cyborg is finished all power features reset with a 50% point boost


When all 5 are “Checked” off but the Question Mark isn’t lit, check the Upper Right box to see if you have an active mode (circled in Red). If you have all of them completed, but not checked, check to see if you have an active power jackpot to collect on the Orb target.


I’ll just leave this little backstage pass for y’all here…


Looks like extra ball is 5 million. Can it be multiplied?