Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Just got it again. Mummy was ready for action with I came out of four ball trooper so I must have accidentally started a mode or something after coming out last time. So no bugs, well, except for the one Keith intentionally out in there, and that’s a good one! I love that I can still find out secrets on this game I literally play every day.


Is there any way to adujst the number of soul shards required for “run up the hill”?
Or alternatively is it e.g. possible to adjust the number of shots required for the combo?

Checking through the menus I didn’t find it.

@sk8ball: If it is not existing, could you consider to include it? So that I as an owner can adjust it in a way, that it is still a challenge, but reachable for me.




You can ‘adjust’ it without a software rewrite. Remove glass. Obtain desired thing. Replace glass, continue game.


:slight_smile: So more the analogue approach.
Thanks for the info. I was hoping I missed the setting …

To have this as an adjustment would be cool though.


Not trying to be flippant. I’m a big fan of the ‘it’s your game set it up the way you like’ philosophy.

If you have a chess computer you don’t set it to beat you every time. You set it so you can win about 1/4 and continue trying to improve.


It’s Tomb Award that gives run to the hills. Only adjustment I could really make is what award # RTTH is given.


The 6-way combo should be really tough to get as it’s a players “out” if they mess up on collecting soul shards or EDDIE cards during the game. Getting that 6-Way combo, imo, is a last ditch effort during the course of the gameplay. I usually try and get the Level 3 Mystery Orb award AFTER 2 Minutes To Midnight to supplement any Tomb treasure I need to reach RTTH, since Tomb treasure 9 is pretty generous.


Keith, if you could include a setting to adjust to award number for RTTH, that would be so great!!!

It would make the best pinball even better for "only" good players. RTTH as it is currently is completely out of reach for me. It is like the mode would not be existing. Even though I am a good player. If I could bring it to a level only slightly above my reach, I would have a challenge and it would be much more fun to me.

So I think for "only good" players this adjustment would really increase the fun level.

If you would do so, I would include you in my prayers :slight_smile:

Still I have to say, this machine is so ingenious. It really brought the love of playing pinball back to me!! Thanks for that!!!

Did anyone (apart from Keith) ever reach RTTH?


Video somewhere of Escher Lefkoff and Robert Gagno getting to RTTH.

A settings adjustment would be cool for us mere mortals:)


I’m pretty sure even Keith actually hasn’t achieved RTTH, tbh. (I’m sure he’ll tell us if I’m wrong though). Only Robert Gagno has legitimately achieved it, last I heard. Escher played an amazing game but there was a wee little death save in there.


I know @BonusLord has played a legitimate RTTH on his home machine.


I believe Escher had one ball remaining though.

Zach McCarthy, the 13 year old Colorado phenom that you probably haven’t heard of, also did it pretty recently.


He wasn’t in a tourney – no harm in using a death save nor should it tarnish anything he accomplished while playing. Given how different physical pins can vary vastly in terms of their gameplay difficulty, tilt sensitivity, sling sensitivity, pitch, etc., I don’t think it’s appropriate to ding someone for a death save in whatever score or accomplishment she/he achieved.


death saves are just as much a skill as nudging, aiming etc.


Yeah I’ve managed to get there 2 or 3 times now. In one game I actually managed to complete all 11 tomb award requirements but was disappointed to find that there is not, in fact, an 11th tomb award :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note: It’d be nice if the tomb awards/eddie cards/beast would reset after RTTH (maybe with increased rewards??); kind of feels like a dead end after you hit it with the current rules.


Zach’s RTTH score:

And here’s a very impressive Flight of Icarus during a different game where he started 3x scoring then proceeded to shoot a 15-way combo!:

I didn’t realize RTTH was such an uncommon occurrence. Makes me wonder how frequently Wizard modes like this happen on location games vs home games. Zach did this on location, though admittedly it is our game and he plays it quite a bit.



Flight of Icarus billion is an awesome accomplishment!


I drained out of 2M2M at exactly midnight midnight (after getting a level 2 Eddie card). Next ball, 2M2M was lit again. What’s up with that?


I have experienced this as well.


Yep, should be fixed in next rev