Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Does it not depend how you drain, centre drain as opposed to outlanes?


Thanks, I think this is accurate. Tested this by having level 3 mystery lit and also all the locks lit for first Trooper multiball. The drops then kept only giving out bonus X’s skipping the other awards.

Still not sure if mystery can give out extra balls. The backstage pass rules PDF states that EB can be a “random ORB award (percentage adjustment)”, but maybe the location game I’ve been playing just has given out that many other EBs that I haven’t seen it available there. On the other hand, the backstage pass rulesheet doesn’t mention the loop EBs, so it also could be that these two have replaced each other?


Loop EBs were likely just coded in a later revision after the Backstage Pass was made.


Yes, this is correct.

Right now it is a feature. In a future update I may add an adjustment for that.


Tried going through this thread and seeing if this was mentioned but didn’t see it (probably overlooked) but I’ve got a couple bugs to report and a plea for assistance on a game challenge.

Challenge - Fairly often in MB I can lock a ball by shooting the left ramp (premium game). I believe this is on purpose but the game seems to lose track of that ball every time I do this. The ball is locking behind the back panel. Is their something I should look at that could be holding the ball back there? I thought it was supposed to come all the way to the piece that raises and lowers to allow the ball to go into the mummy lock mech.

Bug - My game seems to lose track of the number of balls in play when ever more than one ball is kicked out or in the above situation and it kicks another ball into play after a couple ball searches. Happened to me twice this weekend. By the time I got the key, opened the door and fished the ball out another kicked out and now the game kills the ball if I drain one. In a MB, if it kicks out 2 (instead of ) for revive or an add a ball. When I drain down to 1 ball the ball will end as the game didn’t account for the extra. If I try draining just 1 when this happens it kicks out another ball while the ball saver is on and still ends the ball if I cont to drain after ball saver is off. I’ve found this odd as my other sterns will account for extra balls in play being drained. Almost like it’s not counting the balls correctly. Is this a bug or an issue just with my game?


Sounds like the ball is getting stuck on the switch behind the back panel. You may have to bend it down slightly to allow the ball to pass on a slow roll.


I’ll give that a check tonight. Thanks for the pointer. For some reason I though that maybe their was an opto at that gate. Didn’t even think of a switch back there.