Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


it was the same in our tourney machine, took 2 minutes to adjust on the flipper switches.


You shouldn’t be able to unscrew the actuator by hand. If you can then add loctite.


Any chance of adding a short grace period for the (very long) ball saver in 2M2M, @sk8ball?

If the answer is “No because it’s funnier this way,” I’m OK with that.


Rick is knee deep on Golden Girls code but that and skill shot grace is on the list


Maybe I don’t understand the mode since I’ve never played it, but what about CIPWM makes it a no-go on the pro?

not at all bitter Maiden pro owner :wink:


Is there an option on pros to lock mummy by shooting left ramp?


I don’t believe so. On Pros, there’s no alternate path from the L ramp to a locking mechanism. The center jump ramp using the up-posts in the orbits is the only way to hold the ball on Pros.


During the mode the center ramp it up. If you lock a green arrow on that shot, it will lower the ramp and hold the ball, giving you more control to lock the other shots in.

I suspect it is more about coding 2 versions of the mode than really infeasibility. You could use the bullseyes for the center and the mode would conceivably work.


The actuator needs careful attention took me some time to get it 100% reliable and the bottom one I think it occasionally still fires of heavy pop bumper use.

also make sure you test the mummy lock as those switches become problematic after a while.

And maybe not needed for TPF but if you have it put in the 22-600 coil in the auto launch and wind the power into 205 on the settings!


Thanks so much - I’ll be sure to spread that to operators I see!


I found a new secret skillshot on competitive mode just in time for TPF . . . or perhaps it was discovered in the 700 posts above. Hold down left flipper for super skill shot, shoot the mini loop first then combo to the super jackpot target. Long ball save, 25 million points and more importantly 3X playfield qualified. Let’s see someone pull it off this week!


This was the strat for the “Activate 3X playfield” Challenge for Heads-Up :slight_smile:


Ah so I’m the Elisha Gray of IMDN secret skill shots haha.


@sk8ball Minor thing, but when you get the Tomb Treasure lite extra ball award, it shows the “Extra Ball is Lit” animation (with Eddie) before the Tomb Treasure award graphic.

I personally think it should be the other way around.


Is the top right yellow flasher supposed to work during gameplay on PRO models? I never noticed before, but someone mentioned it’s used during combo sequences. So playing the other night, I hit a few combos and never saw it go on. Tested it in diagnostics and sure as shit, it works. Just not during gameplay. Can anyone confirm?


Same issue on my premium. It’s turns a bluish color during combo but no flash. Another bug that I am sure has been mentioned is when you hit the mystery award right after your mode timer ends. It says add time but then doesn’t put you back in the mode. I would prefer it did but if not just give me another award instead. :wink:


I had read this, and did notice it come on during gameplay last night on my Pro. At the time it seemed to me part of some broader lightshow (perhaps involving Mummy MB), but I can’t say for sure. It was definitely on during gameplay though.


Nice; ill have to pay more attention.


Should go on with super jackpot target hits if nothing else


Not sure if this is a bug or built into the code. Qualified a double super on 2MTM and drained with about a second or two left. On the next ball it allowed me to start 2MTM again. Is this the reward for going for the double super? If so awesome, if not bummer man!