Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


The more I learn about this game, the more I like it. Great job, @sk8ball and team.


I’ve never gone for the 6 way. Is this how other people do it? Sounds insanely hard. I guess there is no way to do it without the mini-loop?


I prefer to start it with the mini loop because that’s my least consistent shot of the six.

Mini Loop to drop catch
Left Orbit
Big Loop to live catch or loop pass
Right Ramp
Left Ramp
Right Orbit


I prefer:
Upper mini loop
Left ramp
Right ramp
Left orbit
Big orbit
Right orbit


Then left spinner for super deathblow!


Definitely a possible bug that I’ve seen before - not exactly sure what triggers it.

I drained in 2MTM on ball 2 right as the mode was ending (last time I triggered this bug, I tilted out with ~1 second left, or during the “grace period”). I start ball 3 with 2MTM immediately lit again at the ramp. And everything carried over - my shot values, and the Super Jackpot I had been building up.

This was on 1.06 code too. Anyone else experience this?


Almost certain it’s not a trough error, never had any issues with the usual trough problems.

PLUS I had another 4 ball RotAM last night. Similar scenario.
Took aab early, drained with revive lit (possibly ballsave as well from the aab), relit mystery and collected for another aab.


Is there a bug in Rime where the ball from under the ramp does not get released when 2 ball MB starts? Was playing a doubles game the other day where it happened to both of us, but there were no issues any other time with the mode start hole…


I have not experienced any issues (doesn’t mean there isn’t one). Seems more likely it is mechanical. I had a problem with the one way gate in the subway and it would lead to stuck balls. It was getting stuck up for short periods of time, after bending it a bit I have had no further issues.


I feel like I’ve had this happen, but couldn’t say for sure if it was Rime. There is a pause before the ball releases as usual , but did it not release at all until you drained the other ball? I often notice little things, and then forget them by the end of the ball.


That’s a new one to me.

You have a pro where the ball gets stuck under the ramp Laura? :wink:


Yeah, I just assumed he meant back in the orbit, KME you jerk. ::walks away quietly::


I learned tonight that on the premium/LE during mummy multiball, if you have the left ramp lit for a lock and send 2 balls up one after another, the first loads the captive ball, and the second gets stuck on top of the captive ball because it is in the unload position.


ball has always rolled off when this happened to me?


1st time: 4:11:10
2nd time: 4:18:13

2 different players, 2 different balls on the same game. Not sure if it was a setting but I couldnt see any problems with the vuk at any other times.


I’m going to be using a NIB Maiden Premium in best-game qualifying format for the first time. I’m going to disable the Can I Play with Madness 3rd Tomb Treasure and go with the +15M Power JP option instead.

Besides doing a Competition Install, are there any other Premium setting adjustments I should consider making? Any particular mechs to watch out for that often need adjusting straight out of the box?


That is default competition behavior.


Problems that seem to come up often on pinside owners (may have got better, but you should test)

  • Ball getting stuck on switch behind backbox for lock
  • Captive ball adjustments. Make sure they are not phantom hitting.
  • Make sure your flippers will stage.


I don’t believe the flippers could stage during the SPC this past weekend.


Or impossible to hit - the game tends to swing between both extremes.