Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Does hitting all jackpots also relight all jackpots? Or do you still need to hit the super? Trying to figure out what the optimal way is to get the level 2 card, or if there is only one way (hit all jackpots to advance x and relight next level, super is irrelevant?)

Random other question: How should the ball behave when shooting the left orbit with the post diverter up? Should it always roll to the left, or is it fine if it sometimes hangs up there and eventually falls down the right side? Do I need to re-level, or add a rubber sleeve to the up post?


Hitting all the jackpots does relight all of them, yes. Hitting the super will relight any previously collected jackpots. So if you hit all but 2, then hit the SJP, you’ll relight 5 shots for 2x, while the remaining 2 will still be 1x. You can then collect them all, and I bet the ones that were 1x will now be 2x and the other shots will be set for 3x. Looks like the order for canon jackpot collects might start left to right, too. So I’d say you could go after as many shots as you can hit comfortably, aim for sjps, and do that until you’ve only got a couple shots that aren’t 5x. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work no matter what, I’d think.

I’ve noticed the ball on the right post too. Based on the arch of the orbit back there, it’s designed to also get there, and the post coming down should make the ball go down the right side, but sometimes it seems it just finds the right spot to stay perfectly still. A rubber sleeve might change the behavior. I would say your leveling is probably fine, though giving it the slightest of leans to the right might help prevent it from camping out up top.


How does the sjp scoring work? What raises the value? This game rules btw congrats!


Did some testing and it looks like the cannon shot collects a different number of jackpots based on your accuracy on the bullseye target:

  • Outer ring - 1 lit JP collected
  • Inner Ring - 2 lit JPs collected
  • Bullseye - 3 lit JPs collected

Some other things to note:

  • Once you collect a cannon shot you can’t relight it until you collect a super JP (so collecting super JPs will definitely make it easier to reach that lvl 2 card)
  • To a certain degree, your progress is saved between trooper multiballs so reaching 5x may not be as difficult as it seems (not sure on the exact rules here but I’ve definitely seen all the jackpots start at 3x upon starting a late game trooper MB)


Thanks, fixed!


Take that glass off and find out! :wink:
I think SJP’s are a sum of collected JP’s? (including any multiplier effects)


Does that mean you can do this instead of collect all level 2 Eddie cards?? Or does it count towards your “pool” of soul shard tomb awards (5 max)


Or keep the timer running but allow the player to blow off the animations by double flipping. Hey, shorter ball times :wink:


Or stop shooting the wrong shots :joy:


It spots a soul shard you need randomly. If you have all 5 it will skip that award. Trooper lvl2 will be a bit easier in the next release.


So if I understand correctly, to make a Run to the Hills, you can miss out on one soul shard and one Level 2 Eddie card, and then get them via Orb and the 9th Tomb Award instead?

Thanks to everyone who has been updating the original post – I think this is the best rule sheet on the site.


I believe you can collect as many soul shards as you want from the orb if you keep raising it back up to lvl 3 (once you’ve played 2MTM). You’re correct on the lvl 2 Eddie cards, so make sure you at least collect either Cyborg or Soldier Level 2 on the first go :wink:


One soul shard once per game and 1 lvl2 spot per game. But just to get the tomb award 9 card spot you need all soul shards and defeated the beast.


Ah, I was mistaken then; with only one ‘free’ soul shard per game Run to the Hills is gonna be a real tough nut to crack~


I knew that was coming, based off your earlier response to the same request :slight_smile:

Blowing off the animations is a feature I always appreciate, simply because it helps speed up the game… even the best displays get stale after hundreds of plays. That said, if you truly wanted to be evil, you could implement blowoffs EXCEPT when a timer is running. Or go even more meta than “extra tilt warning” and make blowoffs an earnable award during the game…


ADD Torture test :wink:


Had a cracker of a game today and was wondering:

Tomb award #6 - would it be a good idea to make this a super revive that it lit for the rest of the ball? Given how hard it is to get 6 tomb awards, I think that it would be deserving.

Tomb award #4: Not fussed but was thinking that moving this to #2 would make for a more competitive game in a tournament?

Could I ask, when loop jackpots have started why does the post come up after 3-4 left loops in a row?

Actually now that I think about it would be it not be better that Revive is #1 Tomb award if it does not end up being super revive?


Since revive requires more spins each subsequent time, late in the game, it is a valuable reward.


If you already have revive lit what happens then?


Because you can’t just loop the big loop all day and ignore the little loop! The little loop needs some love too.