Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Yep you right :slight_smile:


Just did a little glass-off testing. If you turn ball saves off, skill shots still award additional ball save seconds as long as feature adjustment #3 skillshot ball save is on, which is default. @pinwizj will of course turn that off in any tourney he runs. :smiling_imp:

Can’t wait to see someone plunge 25 million for a walkoff win/drain.


Also tested this with the glass off, and yeah, it definitely adds time because I was able to rack up billion+ inner loop jackpots to my heart’s content.


Yeah, what an awesome way to plunge an extra ball.


Hahaha. Incorrect. Earned ball-saves from skill shots (as well as multiballs) were most definitely turned on during IFPA15.


Either way, he can’t turn off the 15s Aces/Rime ball save. :wink:

So even though the skill shot awards a free ball save before triggering playfield valid/the real ball save/something, ball save rewards being turned off would cause this 25M to drain?


There are 2 ball save settings. If you turn off the skill shot ball save (which I do at my tournaments) then you are not giving any ball save time when you successfully hit one of the super skill shots that awards points and extra ball save time. So yes, I’m my scenario, a plunge to the left outline awards 25M and end of ball.


Just curious, why are you turning that off at your tournaments?


I don’t like ball saves. Plus the EM’s and older SS’s don’t have ball saves. That’s how pinball should be played. No mulligans.


Ball Save Nazi!

(not in the WWII way, the Seinfeld way for clarification)


You disable gates and kickbacks on your EMs? :wink:


Wow. That’s brutal. So all MBs have no ball save too?


Earned ball saves have become an important strategic element in some contemporary games. Disabling them is like removing a flipper.

Hell, half the game in TNA is deciding when to use them to best advantage.

As for ball plunge ball-savers, EMs give you 5 balls in lieu of a ballsave knowing 2 of them are likely to be house balls. I don’t get the argument behind disabling them completely unless you WANT to introduce a higher element of luck into your results. This whole “You drained 1/2 second sooner than I did so why should you get your ball back and not me” argument doesn’t hold water. Clearly draining quickly off the plunge is a skill unto itself! :grin:


For MB’s, I turn it down to 5 seconds.

As for the EM argument, you can get house balled on SS’s too in the same fashion. I was playing the original Eight Ball the other day. 2 of the balls were no flips and the other ball was a single flip. That’s pinball.


It’s amazing Addams Famoly sold as many units as it did. Not only is there no ball saver but there’s no multiball ball saver either. Can we get a code update to please save Addams from the dumpster? :slight_smile:


It is pinball, though the situation you describe is not fun for anyone. Customers, especially newbies/casual players, won’t be inserting many $1 bills if that’s their experience.

TAF’s multiball does have the zero-jackpot restart rule (as did several other games of that era) … while not exactly a ball save, it’s a form of consolation if you house the multiball. One might even argue that it’s potentially more powerful than a modern-style ball save, since it’s possible to flail the multiball for several minutes and still get the restart option.


The consolation multiball also doesn’t have a ball saver . . . I’ll be putting my Addams up for sale shortly, I’m not sure I can take this madness any longer.


I did this yesterday and it is very satisfying to do. Thanks Keith!
Edit: The full plunge to Orb super secret skill shot is what I was referring to.


Is there enough time to live catch and shoot, or do you just have to one time it…?


I was one timing it. There was one attempt where I missed but didn’t hit another switch, got the ball under control and hit the Orb but it had already timed out. So I suppose the answer is that there is a timer but a very short one.