Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Quick question about Trooper Multiball. I’ve found that sometimes the green Lock target is lit and other times it isn’t. Do I have to qualify lighting the target? For example, I’ll knock down all three and for some reason the lock target won’t be lit. Is there something I’m missing?


The awards are given in order, from bottom to top. When trooper is blinking near the drops, it’ll be awarded upon completion.


Sorry, I’m not getting what you mean by “When trooper is blinking near the drops”. I’m not seeing a Trooper light near the drops?

If there is and I just missed it, how do I get it to blink?

The instructions above just say “Earn the Light Lock Drop target award to light all 3 locks”, but it doesn’t say how to earn the award.


One of the awards in front of the drop targets in blinking. At the start of the game that is the second award, light orb. When you drop the targets you get that award and the next award (up) will start blinking. So normally it takes 2 completions of the bank to earn lit locks.

However, if you sweep the bank, younger the current award and the next award. So you can light locks at the start with one shot.


Surprised nobody has found this one


Hey folks, I finally decided to join the site. Fear not for those that know me, I consider this to be the best DMD/LCD game that Stern has ever created. Now onto some questions:

Level 1 cards, how are these obtained? Just by completing modes and getting supers?
Level 2 cards, are these obtained?

I was under the impression that level 2 cards were the inserts above the NOTB insert which allowed you to get to NOTB… If they flash or are solid what does this mean exactly?

In Flight of Icarus, I assume that this mode cannot be completed rather it is over when the timer runs out? How do you know when you have made enough shots to get an Eddie Card?

Eddie cards can only be obtained via modes and multiball?


Level 1- Trooper super, Mummy super, Start 2MtM, Start Cyborg
Level 2- They are obtained… All trooper shots to 5x, Mummy round 2 super, Collect a 2x super during 2MtM, Collect a 5X cyborg jackpot. Also tomb award #9 spots a level 2 card randomly

Level 2 cards pulse and are locked in. So if you lose to the beast you lose all level 1 cards but not level 2.

Flight of icarus I assume you mean Soul Shard for collecting 20mil mode total.


Hey Keith, thanks for the reply. Yeah getting to the point of lighting a soul shard after FOI has timed out. So 20 mill is the minimum?

So once all level 2 Eddie cards are obtained the tomb 10 award is unlocked however you have to get 10 soul shards to get there? Soul Shards are the only things that can enable tomb awards?


I am loving the innovation with the rules btw… This game caters for the advanced player as well as the novice. Brilliant.


Oh with regards to super skill shot awards, would it be better to have 3X given for hitting the super jackpot target given that you already get 2X from the regular skill shot? Not sure the risk is worth it for 5 more secs of ball save and a few more points.


You don’t get 2x from the regular skill shot. You get one Eddie letter and +5 seconds of ball saver time.


And all of those ball saves are moot points when you play tournament games setup with no ball saves :smile:


Not true. There may be no initial ball save on those games, but you’re still awarded any earned ball save time from skill shots.


I’ve heard there is a SSSS by holding the left flipper, then plunging up to the top left flipper, then shooting the mini loop, and then shooting the super jackpot stand up. (3-way combo).

Can anyone confirm?


Pretty sure everytime I have got the regular skill shot I got 2X with it… hmmm will check again when I have a game today… hmmm maybe it was just the SSS…


Hmmm, maybe @sk8ball can clarify or I can check tonight but I don’t think this is accurate. I have the Pro at home and all ball saves are disabled, meaning the standard ball save setting and the skill shot ball save are both turned off. When hitting a skill shot that awards ball save, I don’t recall the ball being saved on my machine at home.


I can test with the glass off tonight, but I do believe I just did this over the weekend and didn’t receive an SSSS.


Thanks for the Level 2 qualification rules :+1:t2::beers:


From my recollection of playing Maiden at IFPA15 with tourney settings and no initial ball save, skill shots did indeed award the appropriate ball save times. I think this was also true of video stream of Maiden at NYCPC with similar settings.


There is an option to disable skill shot ball savers. But this would go against the IFPA stance of not earning a ball save because in this case you clearly did :slight_smile:

There are 5 soul shards for the 5 modes. Each soul shard scores the hurry-up value plus unlocks a tomb award. The soul shard value is also re-collected when defeating the beast (this can be stacked with playfield X) The other tomb awards are Collect loop jackpot, collect trooper card, collect mummy card, defeating the beast, collecting all 4 level 2 cards.