Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Yeah the soft plunge to shatz is way easier than the super skill. I think the secret should throw you a couple Revive letters for forgoing that avenue.


I’ve been having trouble getting the secret skill shot by shatzing… I’ve soft plunged and shatzed the left inlane with no other switches hit many times without luck. But I have gotten the skill shot just by plunging directly into the left inlane. What am I missing? Is it timed, and I’m just too slow?

Since I didn’t see it specifically mentioned, the other super secret skill shot seems to be plunging the left outlane Congo-style, worth 25 million +10? second ball save.


The shatzing isn’t actually a skill shot apparently. The person that mentioned it only mentioned it as a suggestion for a skill shot.


Strange behaviour on 1.0 today.

In Fear of the dark, with locks lit. Shot a fear shot to light spinners. Shogt right orbit for lock. It put up the posts, said ball 1 locked and then waited until ball search to release the ball. Next shot to spinner, animation of ball 3 locked and multiball starts.


A shatz will activate the switch same as a plunge so it should award the same thing, unless as @mwelsh mentioned, it’s on a timer.


I had this happen too I think… had FOTD running with one ball lock and suddenly multiball started.


Scratch that, I finally got it via shatzing. I think there is a fast timer on it–you don’t really have much time to cradle up for it.


Suggestion: pause timers when balls are held for locks, and only un-pause when a switch has been hit.

Had a tournament tonight where a guy watched his 2x playfield and his Rime of the Ancient Mariner hurryup expire (losing the opportunity for MB) because the ball got caught on the up-post.

Edit: or at they very least, pause then when transitioning into ball search?


possible bug when drop targets aren’t functioning properly: local barcade has an iron maiden, bottom drop target (next to bonus x insert) won’t drop. game seems to generally compensate well during normal play: when you hit the middle and upper target the bank resets. However when the bank completion is needed for a mode or multiball award, like for the second escape shot in hallowed be thy name, it will not provide compensation, so award cannot be collected.

I’ll note that they are not on the most recent code, and I’m not certain which code they’re on.


I have a couple of annoying bugs to report regarding sound settings:

  1. If you set Music Attenuation to say, -25 (I like my Maiden music more present in the mix :slight_smile: ) when it drops the music volume during the song selection screen before you plunge your 2nd+ ball it never restores it to its former volume once the ball is plunged if the song selection isn’t changed. So the music gets far quieter during subsequent balls. If you DO change the song selection before you plunge the music returns to its original volume.

  2. A workaround for #1 above is to disable the ability to select a different song in between balls. However, if you do this, the song being played jumps to a strange section during the ball plunge wait, then snaps back to where you actually were in the song after the plunge. It should just keep playing the same song throughout without a break.

Hoping these are easy fixes (well, at least #1) that could be incorporated into a future bug fix release. Thanks for listening. :sunglasses:


Bug found in 1.0:

When playing 2 minutes to midnight and ball saver is activated, draining via outlane will result in a loss of Revive, even though ball saver is active.


Nice catch! I find I don’t trust that game for some reason and always try to watch to see if it consumes my revive when I drain via an outline with ballsave on. OCD tendencies… :slight_smile:


Code V1.01.0 was posted yesterday (or perhaps today but with yesterday’s date?). Lots of bug fixes and other updates.


- Loop Jackpots - fixed an issue where draining while loop jackpots hasn’t timed down yet causes no big loops to be registered for the rest of the game for all players

Oh wow. So I’m guessing this is what happened during the semifinals match at Pinvasion? Funny how players were crushing the big loop as soon as it wasn’t registering :rofl:

Edit: Just watched the video and verified. P4 drained during loop jackpots on ball 1, so that killed the big loop the rest of the game. Hey @djriel, Alberto might want to have a word with you!


I was playing imdnLE yesterday and seemed to get the super secret skill wven soft plunging almost straight into left outlane. Award 25 million and ball save time. Is this correct? Or might it have grazed the cross target before going outlane?


That’s correct as far as I know. Plunge left outlane like Congo.


Alright glass-offers:

Where did Elwin hide the skillshots THIS time?

I’m having a strange feeling that the Orb could be one, especially on the premium/LE.


Look for 3 more :wink:


I believe both of these are now resolved in 1.0.1 code!

  1. Seems to be working correctly now and restoring the attenuation setting once the ball is plunged.
  2. By simply removing the option to disable the song select between balls. As a software professional I can appreciate that sometimes the best answer is simply to remove a problematic feature that most people won’t miss. :slight_smile:


Yes. I like how they cleverly resolved issue 2. Remove the feature but rather allow the music to continue playing from ball to ball without disruption and give the option to swap songs. Love it! Good job coders.

Btw; BUG on Pro model: if you crank up volume with sterns spike 2 external volume controller during trooper animation, it’ll release the locked ball and continue trooper mb as a 1 ball multiball and not shoot the other balls into play.