Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Bug on 1.0 Pro

  1. have mummy multiball ready
  2. have third lock lit for trooper multiball
  3. graze captive ball to start mummy and collect third trooper lock simultaneously.

This will start a single ball trooper multiball. No additional balls are launched into play. You are stuck in this multiball mode until you drain your single ball.


Dirty pool old man … I like it


On prior code I though that sequence was starting 4 ball Trooper by design.


It’s a feature, not a bug!


Hmmm. What happened to me was not a four ball multiball though, but a single ball multiball. I wonder if there was something else in the game state that mattered. I might have had a mode running.


Just need a little clarification on the drop target bank rules. Is it the first time you complete the bank, you get bonus x. Next completion lights orb… and the third completion lights locks?

Or is there a way to get locks lit on the first bank completion?



If you sweep them you get your locks. Otherwise you have to complete two banks to light locks.


The drops, when completed, will cycle between (in order from top to bottom):

Bonus X
Mystery Advance
Lock Lit

On standard install, you start at Mystery. In competition (lock settings hard), you start at Bonus X.

If you have locks already credited or are in a Multiball and return to Light Lock, it will display as Bonus X. Completing here “skips” the Light Lock award and awards Bonus X instead.

If you drain out of Multiball or collect your lock(s), the Bonus X will turn back into Light Lock since you’ve met the game’s demands.

Target sweeps award the next 2 awards instead of one.


Also, @sk8ball:

I just found out about the 5th Skill Shot. How many Skill Shots are in this game? :slight_smile:


4 actually lol


Ah, so my friend was throwing around odd information. Thanks for clarifying!

Edit: I was counting the base two - research finds that there’s 4 secrets + 2 regulars for 6.


It’s total overkill of course but why not…

Short plunge to the right flipper, Shatz the left lane and hit the standup for 30M and 20 seconds of ball save time
Sweep the bank as the first three switch hits and get points plus all three bank awards
Hard plunge and shoot the left orbit vs the loop for some additional loop value
Plunge for the normal super, shoot the mini loop then hit the super standup for mega super skillshot

Also, if I haven’t mentioned how much I love this game, I’m mentioning it now.


i am TOTALY trying that on every ball!


I got a secret super skill shot the other day by accident… not knowing any of them until now. I think mine occurred when I went down the left inlane into the right sling … it mustve slung into the shatz target, i guess.

It’s the only one that fits given the area the ball was in when it was awarded, but I definitely did not shatz the left inlane and target.


The shots I posted are not actual secret skill shots, I was simply fantasizing about some fun possibilities. It sounds like you got the inlane skill shot which is an actual secret skill shot in the game. See what @ScoutPilgrim posted a little way up for the real deal shots.


Just to clarify, the Super Skill shot…are you supposed to plunge into the INNER orbit, or outer orbit?

From the Wiki above:
“Hold the left flipper and plunge to the inner orbit. The ball will roll back down to the upper flipper. Shoot the Super Jackpot shot to score a Super Skill Shot worth 5 million points, a lit Playfield Multiplier, and 10 seconds of ball saver time.”


Technically you plunge through the outer orbit so the ball just drops off the ramp and comes down the left side inner orbit to the upper left flipper.


Found a possible bug in 1.0 code:

Had Halllowed by Thy Name running together with Mummy MB. The Tomb was open on the left ramp and I shot a ball in there just as the mode was ending. The mode clock stopped with 3s remaining while the sarcophagus lock animation finished. During this time I drained my other ball.

Once the lock was fimished the mode stayed frozen at 3s left. I had no ball to play. Once ball search kicked in my locked ball was released and the mode finished.


Pretty impressive to get a Metallica song on an Iron Maiden…quite the bug!


Did this. It wasn’t worth that much in points or in ball-save time. Still awesome.