Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


See the wiki at the top of the post.
Keep in mind that you have to have the Orb lit for mystery award (purple light), and sometimes your next drops completion doesn’t yet light a mystery at the Orb.


I like to remember it by “Multiballs add balls with mystery. Modes are important. That’s the Stern way.”


Except for Maiden, that’s not always the case. See Trooper and Mummy.


Yeah, I’m thinking the Stern archetype. Almost every game up to this point does that, and by joy does Stern love their modes on other games. :wink:

Brains work in weird ways, your mileage may vary.


Code Request:
it would be nice to have some kind of sound queue/effect for shots that utilize the bullseye for a 1x, 2x, 3x trigger. Like a light bell or sound wave style effect for 1x, medium 2x, and a hefty for the 3x.


What’s the math/logic behind the initial Hurry-Up value for Soul Shards? A % of the total mode value you just completed to qualify the Shard?


You’ll get a Tim Sexton light show and like it! :wink: There are audible calls. Good, great, bullseye


Yep 15% i believe which can be 2 or 3 X’d and again 2 or 3 X’d for another collection later in the game


Bug with stern spike2 headset/volume control:

During Trooper multiball start sequence, if you change the volume it will release the ball and start trooper multiball as a 1-ball multiball.


Hah, is there even a light show associated with hitting a bullseye? c’mon Tim get on it!!! :blush:

I don’t recall hearing those audible queue’s and I just played a bunch of games where I got 2x and 3x soul shards. I think a subtle gong like sound in the background would suffice.

Speaking of which, what shots are effected by the bullseye 2x/3x targets?

  • Soul Shards
  • Mummy Super JP
  • Pharaoh power jp boost
  • Aces High Super I think

Any others?


Aces High Fighter and Bomber JP

Trooper Cannon (spot 1/2/3 shots)


Nice. I didn’t know that about the trooper. Makes sense now.


Found two .98 bugs last night on my stream.

  1. locking the third ball for trooper and collecting a tomb award at same time. Started the mode, but never kicked out balls two and three. Drained ball and it ended my ball. I think the ball saver was still going too. Can’t recall.
  2. tilted at the exact moment I started a mode (hbtn). When the next ball started, two modes lamps were flashing simultaneously.


Hallowed final shot
Pharaoh bonus
Aces fighter/ bomber/ super
Trooper cannon
Mummy super
Soul Shard
Super deathblow
Run to the Hills super


Okay, how many JPs do you need for the super? I have nailed a bunch and can’t seem to reach it…


Not sure what you mean. RTTH will be in the next release. I doubt anyone will ever reach it but it will be there lol


Co-op mode?


Hmmm, that sounds like it’s going to be super hard!


“Elwin Invitational”


Had an epic ball 1 today, over 600 million. Collected 2 soul shards, during mummy collected both AAB and the Suoer, started Cyborg as well.

Have nothing to add to the wiki other than to say the game is fantastic to play and such a fun shooter; comboing out the ramps to light 2MTM feels soooo good. Congrats.