Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


I believe it’s all in the Wiki rules at the top of this thread…

@Tsskinne is getting 4x, 6x, 8x… because he has 2x Playfield running during his Loop Jackpot phase.


That looks to be old code as well. It’s been balanced out a bit to incorporate the mini loop more.


During Mummy MB do the MUMMY letters carry over to subsequent Mummy MBs if the SJP is not collected? Seems like it happened on my last game but not 100%.

Also have had locks lit at orbits but when making the loop the ball is not locked. Is there any reason those shots would be green other than for locks are qualified?

Loving the game btw, made it to NOTB once. Lighting the final mode to collect the mode Eddie by hitting the ramps is my choking point.


Super loops should be the only time the trooper lock uppost is ignored. Also there is a delay from light locks after any center hit to avoid the ball rolling through spinner backwards to give lock credit


Hah! I suppose so. But gotta setup a mini loop shot somehow.

Here’s another bug on pro:
If both pharaoh award is lit and right orbit is lit for ball 3 lock; it’ll cut the pharaoh award animation short and start trooper mb prematurely.


I’ve played on two pros at this point, and I LOVE it and am strongly considering buying one.

but…I’m really not thrilled with the flipper strength. All shots were makeable, but in some cases, barely. I worry how that holds up.

I miss the beefy SAM flipper buzz strength.


There are flipper power adjustments in the menus. They are set on medium by default.


the buzz is from the modulation vs separate hold coil. Maiden uses the same design. Power supply differs, but same flipper architecture, but with more control with the power settings in software.


:+1: Prolly were set to default.


All four of the copies I played at Allentown had snappy flipper strength. Same with the one other copy I’ve played.

I’m buying one for my clubhouse; should be here in June. Thanks @trent.


I also wish there was just a tad more flipper strength or more leeway for adjustment (like the shooter or slings) in the settings. I have mine set to high (or hard I think) and after a thousand plays or so, the right flipper can no longer make the long backhand shot to the pharaoh target. Game is set up steep with the bubble close to the top. It was making it when I first set it up (on a good centered shot) but they mostly just trickle over or roll back now.


Try setting coil strength to hard in standard adjustments, then set flipper strength adjustment accordingly. This is what I did to help dial in my steeper pitch with the auto plunge.


Good idea… I will do that today.


Hard is max firing time in MS. If you need it stronger I suggest 3.5 ohm flipper coils


Some high scores have reset. Had over 1000 spins last night and then was awarded Spinner Master for 42 tonight. I am pretty sure I had way more than 42, lol.


Tiny minuscule Code request:
If song selection between balls is turned off (via settings), can we have the music continue to play all the time and not play queue points on each ball?


Possible bug(I may just not understand the rules)

Started Cyborg MB, collected several JPS but was not given the Cyborg Eddie Card. From prior games it seemed like Cyborg was collected as soon as you collected the last power jackpot. At first I thought a lamp was out but in the animation the card was also not awarded. Am I missing something?

At the time I had both Cyborg and 2MTM lit with one ramp left to finish spelling Eddie. Mummy and Trooper had been collected.


Pretty sure this is in the readme. You need to complete the third level now, instead of just the second.


It’s a bug. If you light the last power jackpot but drain you don’t get a card. It’s been fixed


Where’s the code! Lol