Iron Maiden in the flesh!

The #SternArmy location games are already hitting the streets! We un-boxed one today and the hype is real y0!

The intersecting orbits are very refreshing and very satisfying. The two post ball lock and transfer system feels like one of those features that every game should have. It’s very functional and adds so much variety to the mix without the use of subways and scoops!!

The game is pretty intense during multiballs! The lower playfield is nice and open, but it still takes so much attention it’s really challenging to be able to aim for all the shots on the upper half of the PF while keeping the balls in play.

It looks like the game we have isn’t up to the code level seen in the latest videos from Stern but its still very full and satisfying as is.

The game’s shots and rules are engaging and the player ‘payoff’ is there almost immediately… drawing you back for more.

Congrats @sk8ball and team… this game really does the title and company proud!! Can’t wait to see the Premium and LE editions.


Just came out with a code update today


Is this supposed to be TILT DEBOUNCE? So a shorter debounce time makes it more sensitive, right?

  • Competition Mode installs TILE DEBOUNCE time to 450ms (default 1000ms)

Yeah was posted not even an hour after we checked :slight_smile:

We did get one ball trap issue at the top right corner… but the game is wicked fun

Mid-atlantic area people look for this game showing up at Carpool Fairfax Va very soon! Likely sunday

Yes, competition tilt means no more free slide saves


Is this a settng that can be modified independantly? If not, could it become one?

Yes, under standard adjustments. Tilt Debounce 450-550 seems about right