IPFA Ranking Glitch or Prank?

I see someone [calling Mr. Becker] has uploaded some results from CNEPC this past weekend. Interesting who the new #1 ranked player is.

1 Zeus Manolis 1454.62
2 Derek Thomson 1421.00
3 Adam Becker 1229.46
4 Jack Tadman 1214.04
5 Phil Birnbaum 1153.30
6 Raymond Davidson 1111.42

Zeus Manolis [ZUS] ## Current Rank : 1st

Player Picture

Player Information

Name: Zeus Manolis
Location: Scarborough
Country: Canada
Age: 51
Years Active: 11
Registered: Yes
Player #: 3055

Player Overview

Ranking: 1st 1454.62
Rating: 17th 1900.46
Eff percent: 5th 62.520

2019 NACS Rankings

Ontario 1st

The following 20 tournaments are used in this players rankings.

Tournament Event Result Date Value
CNE Pinball Championships (CNEPC) Classics III 1st Aug 18, 2019 496.43
CNE Pinball Championships (CNEPC) Classics II 1st Aug 17, 2019 507.86
CNE Pinball Championships (CNEPC) Classics I 6th Aug 16, 2019 190.00
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This IPFA organization sounds like amateur hour …


I, for one, welcome our new pinball god!


@BMU - Bob, you should be very happy with this turn of events! Classics Tournaments are now worth 500 points, instead of the paltry 40-60 points given out at Main Events.

Looks like the glitch is fixed now. I would be interested to know what caused it. Actually, I am just generally interested in how the database rebuild process works as a whole.

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It’s a bug on the back end of the system when we clone an existing event to create a new one.

Unlike you peasants Adam and I don’t submit to the calendar, we just clone an existing event and edit it with updated info.

During that process the value of the event always defaults to 999% instead of 100% value, so our last step after cloning is to change that value back to 100%.

Looks like Adam forgot to do that, so Canada invaded the world :slight_smile:

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Not a bug though, Colin Urban has skyrocketed to the front page with just a portion of his play in Australia.

Was I just not paying attention to announcements that there were going to be a ton of huge events surrounding Brisbane Masters?


Colin won 5 of the 10 pre-major tournaments as well as the event itself :flushed::flushed:


And made top three in the other four he played


Wow, that’s a crazy run!

It’s great to see 4 players under 18 on the front page. Makes me wonder if that’s ever happened before.


Nope, and not that long ago, there’d never been more than two at once.

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It was great to meet Colin and his family and play with him all week last week.

We’re still picking our teeth off the floor.


I will enjoy my last day(s) as “highest ranked Colin” until the rest of Young Colin Owns Australia results get added to his card. :slight_smile:


Well, there’s your problem right there… :wink:


Who has access to the controls and would have the most to gain from a Canadian invasion? Couldn’t be a fellow Canadian, could it? :thinking:

standings are updated, “young” Colin moved up to 8th, a juicy 355pts from the land down under! Escher moving up to 13th with 175pts across 4 events, impressive on both count!


I think we have determined that @ShootTheOutlane’s 355 marks an all-time IFPA record single month gain, surpassing Jorian’s 335 in May of 2014.

Also note that @Steveo’s total doesn’t even yet include his 5th place Pinburgh win, also in August, which will probably net somewhere in the area of a cool 100 points itself.


At which point the top 10 will have 3 players under 18, and only one player between the ages of 18-31.

It’s like some kind of inverted bell curve.


Well, his name IS Zeus…


You called?

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OMG 999% TGP :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: