Invite Only Tournaments for WPPRs

Would a privately hosted tournament with players only allowed by invitation be sanctioned for WPPRs? I know that if you have at least 16 players at a private tourney, it can award WPPRs but I couldn’t find anything specifically about limiting the number of players or making those players invitation only.

Invite Only is not really allowed. Other then stuff like SCS

That was my thinking as well. But I wasn’t able to find anything saying that. Though I think I just found the relevant information here: Rankings Information – 2022, it says: “Only open tournaments are included in the WPPR system. However, depending on circumstances, exceptions can be made.” I would assume open is taken to mean anyone can enter.

It also goes on to explicitly allow up to 4 private events, if you search that page for the word private.

There are no limitations to how many events any particular location or organizer can hold. For any tournaments submitted to the IFPA calendar as ‘private’ (address not listed publicly on our site), the IFPA requires a minimum of 16 players to attend for that tournament to be endorsed for WPPR points. The IFPA now requires a full address in the calendar submission, and it is understandable for tournament directors to want to host IFPA endorsed tournaments out of their homes and not have their full address made public. Any private tournament that fails to reach 16 players will not be endorsed for WPPR points. An organizer is limited to hosting 4 ‘private’ tournaments per year for a given location.

Your quoted text provides a definition of private: “address not listed publicly on our site.”

A private event does not mean it’s invite-only.


Yep. I do 2-3 private events a year. Just has to be at least 16 peeps and you can keep the address private. But it still has to be open to everyone. They just have to get with you privately for your address.

I think allowable exceptions to open, tend to be things like age restrictions when held in a bar that cannot allow minors.