Indy 500 question

Why when being awarded Change Setup does it award “light change set up?” Is there a reason why a player would want to choose that other than they missed any of the decent awards?

You got it. It’s a bail out so you don’t have to settle for something you don’t want.

When you get into the 3rd multiball or so, you’re probably hunting for Light Lock (after the 70 point award!) and you just might not get there.

Pro tip: If you have extra balls turned off and Extra Ball comes up, don’t pick it.

Lite change setup is one of the most useful things to pick.

With it, you can delay your choice until later.

As steve said, Light Lock is once of the most valuable rewards.

Maybe you already have a lock lit, or you have just a few orbits left to light lock. best to save that free light lock until lock is not lit, or, until lock is going to take many orbits to light.

The change setup awards are always in the same circular order. Imagine them listed in order around a circle - get to the end of the list go back to the beginning. its all memory and speed to get the award you want, and once you learn the order you should never have to “bail out.” You are given enough time to select any award you want, if you are fast and know the order.

Light lock is by far the most valuable reward. if you dont need it, delay it.

Many players will pick 20M or 15M etc, but really, these are worthless in comparison. I would only ever pick these rewards if it will give you a win as last player in a match.

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A great point that I left out.

One difference between world-class players (cayle) and everybody else is that they don’t expect to be flailing around pretty much ever, so they treat Change Setup like the precious and rare gift it is.

On the other hand, I see Change Setup a fair amount. :slight_smile: I’m happy to take a 15 million or 20 million award up until the point where locks take multiple loops to qualify.

The thing I want to know, is if anyone has ever legit collected the 3X 4 stacked checkered flags?

I’ve managed the 3X3, but those standups are brutal, not to mention avoiding collection or having secret mode ruin your position extra flag.

There’s a display bug that happens when you cash in > 1 billion, right? But the score really does get awarded?

I haven’t come close to the 3x4. I think I’ve only ever finished the standups twice in general.

It’s been a long time, but I think I did 3x2 once. I get close to it every once in a while, but I’ve been choking it away lately.

Coincidentally, I’m selling my I500 to a friend tomorrow so I can pick up a Shadow. :expressionless:

secret mode?

I’m crap at the game, but have started to play mine a fair bit as I considered moving it out, that is no longer happening,
so really want to figure this game out.

I seem to have Change Setup lit a fair bit so usually go for 15 or 20 million. 15 million always seems to show up after a really crappy award.

If you get the raceway award for pit stop MB but you activated the raceway from the green flag (where it can’t trap the ball at the diverter car), then instead it gives you a different mode where the pops are worth awards for each hit for one trip through the pops. Pops are worth stuff like laps and… positions. However, afaik getting any position advancement from the pops this way will make it so you do NOT get a checkered flag when you reach position 1.

I’ve seen the same bug from advancing the position through gasoline alley.


buggy game, but really fun.

The only time I ever did this, the Secret Mode pop bumper hits pushed me into position 1, and I definitely did NOT get the checkered flag. Are you saying you don’t get the checkered flag if any of your position advances come from the pops? If so, yow.

EDIT: Besides Pit Stop, you also get Secret Race Mode when Go for the Pole would be the speedway award and you land in the lit Pit Stop scoop.

WTF I’ve never heard of this, but I haven’t exactly been looking. That’s crazy. I’ve always thought you really, really want Gasoline Alley if you’re going for that flag.

Not to my knowledge. Maybe you can be the first and collect my “full game video Triple Quadruple Victory Lap” bounty ($500) that I put out a few months ago!

(FYI, everyone, this post is serious)

I collected 3x4 some years ago - I think there weren’t any display bugs, it gives 3b (and 3x2 gives 1.5b). But after that game, it doesn’t make so much sense to me to go for more than 2 flags at once - one flag is 200m, two flags 500m, 4 flags 1b, I even don’t know how much 3 flags are worth (700m or 750m?)

Hmm interesting. I though 3 flags was 700m and 4 flags 900m.
I had a memory of 2.1B or 2.8B being the multiplied scores.

Three flags are (IIRC) either 732 or 736M. Why 732? Why 173,000 in Nine Ball?! :slight_smile:

I never collected 3 flags, just once 4 - but my conclusion is still it’s not worth going for more than two flags at the same time (unless you have 3x playfield). Damn, I want my Indy500 back I sold two years ago.