INDiSC 2022 Setup BTS

INDiSC 2022

A small army is helping setup and run INDiSC.

INDiSC returns after a pandemic break and 2021 cancellation, and the loss of the Museum of Pinball venue.

Now hosted in the Riverside Convention Center, INDiSC requires hours and hours of more prep as organizers no longer have 4 weeks to load in. Machine prep has been ongoing since 2020!

INDiSC was previously held at the Banning Museum of Pinball where machines and equipment like the 22+ HDTV screens, stands and cameras could be left on property.2022-02-03T08:00:00Z2022-02-06T08:00:00Z


Very cool!

Has a broadcast schedule been set for INDISC?

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Try this


Revised schedule as of 12:56PM PST


Can’t wait to see how they set up Godzilla.

How about that scorebit integration for the games in progress? Sick.

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I’d love to see some shots of the broadcasting setup. That looks amazing on stream.

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Saw this on discord.


Crazy how much work Karl and the gang put into this. Thanks Karl and the gang! Congrats to @ZED for the big win last night!

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Thanks, now I don’t have to watch the archive.

the mobile rig with the glare umbrella is fun :smiley: nice one @kdeangelo

Oh is that what that is? I was think it was lighting.

Haha. Just noticed this! Glare umbrella is genius!

Credit for that goes to the crew at Captain’s! Great idea. Simple beach umbrella with a clamp.

What does “BTS” stand for? At first I thought the Korean band would be there, but I’m guessing that’s not it…


Behind the scenes.


Smooth like butter, like a pinball player under umbrella cover

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What are the current cameras being used for the stream. I’m thinking of upgrading to a couple more cx405s for playfields (webcams for player and backglass) but wondering if there are any better models out there now.

I’m using the Sony ZV-1 for both playfield and player.