INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!








A bit late…but time for a 2nd clue for the current INDISC trivia!

Ok…here we go…good luck!

‘Don’t just gaze at the Stars, Rewrite The Stars!’


Big Top


Cirqus Voltaire


Split Second


Well…we stumped the SD trivia machine 4 at least one clue…Congrats to Mr Michael Welsh again!
Baywatch added to Main.


If I hadn’t met him, at this point I would just assume Mike’s just a plant so that INDISC doesn’t need to give out so many free entries from trivia!




Baywatch = “rewrite the stars??”


as explained by @mwelsh (though i believe there is a super computer of SD brains network behind these)… :slight_smile:

The Greatest Showman is a musical/movie about P.T Barnum (hence all the circus answers). Rewrite the Stars is a song in the movie sung by Zac Efron. Zac Efron also starred in latest Baywatch movie!


Can we get soren@ to make a Baywatch ROM disabling the flashers before INDISC? :slight_smile:


Seems like whenever BW is used in tournies the flippers and autolaunch crap out pretty early. Curious to see how this pans out :slight_smile:


We’ll try our best! :slight_smile:


Soren would be happy to diminish spike’ed flashlamps for all it is worth.


Happy Wednesday all!

Time for some updates and more trivia!

1st, congratulations to Michael Welsh for winning the complete INDSIC prize package. He guessed 3 of the 1st 4 trivias correctly!
He wins all of the following:
INDISC pin, patch, shirt and 1 entry card into any division(except hi-stakes)!

2nd, Volunteer sign up page coming real soon!
We have even more divisions this year, so we need more volunteers!!

Finally, more trivia.
Scroll up or down for rules…
Ok, here we go…good luck…1st clue…
‘INDISC is getting so big that it’s becoming a “Second career for all of us”…well, not really.’ :wink: