INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!


It is 2 free cards with a weekend pre-purchase.





2 Main entries
2 Classics
1 High Stakes

$120 value for only $100!
Good now thru Jan 12th! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t miss INDISC 2019!!!


Get those cheap CA flights booked before it’s too late! Don’t miss the ‘Epicness’! :smiley:


How do you pre-order the combo #1 - no link on the site?

Combo #1 Includes:
2 Main Cards, 2 Classic Cards, 1 High Stakes Card
$100 (a $120 value)


No pre-order needed for it. It’ll be available on-site for the entire tournament.


You mean I need to save money to bring with me like a proper adult? Is it cash only again this year?


Yes, cash only again this year.


Never been, when do the game lists for the tournaments usually get released?


when @pinbwzrd come out with his world famous TRIVIA!


Soon…very soon!


T minus 21 hours. :wink:


Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome to INDISC 2019 Tournament Game Trivia!!


Since we’re moving to the ‘card’ system in 2019, we’re changin’ up the trivia awards a bit.

1 trivia win = INDISC pin or patch! (See pics)
2 trivia wins = INDISC shirt! (No pics yet)
3 trivia wins = Everything! (Pin, Patch, Shirt AND 1 entry card for any division, except High Stakes. (High Stakes will have its own special trivia! watch for it in late December - ALL players will be eligible for the High Stakes trivia!)) :sunglasses:

All ‘wins’ are the same, no matter how many clues it takes.

Clues will be text and/or pics.

Only 1 winner per game, so answer quickly! (Also, 1 guess per person, per clue (usually daily)! (MAX 3 ‘WINS’ per player!)

Game trivia is for attendees only!

If you feel for any reason that you might be ineligible to play…you probably are…so don’t! (Or, ask me 1st!)

If you wanna play for fun, email me at!
AND, OF COURSE, IF YOU’RE NOT PLANNING ON ATTENDING, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PLAYING. Thank you from me and everyone WHO IS planning on attending!

35 total games this year…all over the map! Not sure we’ll do trivia for all 35, but we’ll see…

Any questions? Email me at

Ok…here we go…good luck everyone…1st clue…
Those are some ‘Well-dressed dudes!’




Stern Kiss, betting on the new code!


Hey all,

I planning to attend this year and looking for a roommate and travel partner to help split costs. I have a room at the days in booked already for Thurs-Mon. Probably need a car as well. I fly in Thursday around 9:45pm and out Monday at 1:15pm. Let me know if youre interested in sharing. I don’t snore unlike Jeff Teolis…

Robert Byers
Player 164
Shout out to slam tilt!!!


Sorry, Robert, I’ve already got my arrangements made, but to help you find someone: are you flying in/out of LAX?




Lethal Weapon 3


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