INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!


These are approximate, the rounded to nice dollar amounts.


Thanks, and nice job with the long haul in the booth!


Hey @gammagoat

Monster Bash is the perfect game. The only mod I would conduct for that one would be a big fat loud mooooooo, if you plunge while holding the left flipper button.

Aaand Frank is too hard to wake up the second time around. But other than that :+1:

Great broadcast!


I want to echo Bowen’s comment and give thanks to the organizers, techs, scorekeepers, etc, for putting on a great tournament. This was my first experience at a major tournament and it was staggering to me how much work was put into this event to get the machines ready to play and to keep them playing (for the most part) perfectly through the entire weekend. Seeing a 40+ year old pinball machine (like El Dorado) play flawlessly through hundreds of plays over the weekend was truly impressive. When you are new to something as arcane as the world of tournament pinball, it really helps when everyone – staff, organizers and players – are as friendly and helpful as they were this weekend.

Thanks again!


I’ll second all that - and add that the El Dorado was in mint condition too …

It’s really good to see how the Banning facility has grown from the old factory it was a few years back to what would have to be one of the best permanent arcade facilities in the world. Plentiful parking, good toilets, bar, food, inside/outside areas, plenty of accommodation and food nearby …

Hats off to John Weeks and Chuck Casey, and all the other volunteers who maintain all the machines there.



Hey guys I really enjoyed watching some of the finals stream on Sunday, thanks for a great production.

I was wondering if/when the streams would be available on YouTube?


Unfortunately it’ll be a while as I have a ton of editing to do to break them up into pieces and zero time to do it at the moment.