INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!


Let’s see… which pin can I brick on?
That narrows it down. :wink:


Jamie Berard also designed the lego set for… Big Ben


1 answer per clue please! :neutral_face:


@pinbwzrd, where do you stand on discussing the clues? I want to share the brilliant but obviously wrong rationale for my guess… :slight_smile:


Discuss anywhere but here or FB. :wink:


And the winner for the High Stakes trivia is…

Kyle Smith!

Kyle was the first guess with 4 correct games. The High Stakes bank for INDISC 2019 will be:

High Speed


Can y’all recap the trivia along with the correct answers?


Just scroll up! :slight_smile:


Once a-PUN a time, a band of heroes set sail in search of adventure. Their quest was interrupted by encounters with mythical beasts, but not the ones foretold. The first was not the dreaded hydra, nor one of the Harpies, yet it shared aspects of both. It was strangely friendly, too, when approached the right way, and since they faced it so, they passed unscathed. The next was akin to Triton, born of the sea, deadly when aroused yet on occasion able to be of great service to those in need. But they observed that its child was nearby that day, so they gave it a wide berth lest they arouse it. The third was akin to Talos, but in scale more like a child of the hydra’s teeth. It’s father had once visited Triton’s father. This creature looked like it might help them find their goal, so they gambled on it’s good nature and were rewarded. The heroes then quickly rowed through the trees into the setting sun, and to the promised land.

Bonus clues:
something about prime numbers, like 2 and 73.
Let’s grab some chips and listen to Heart.

  • Barracora: mix of a harpy and hydra (scales/snake, female, wings?), strangely friendly (she’s smiling). Working title was Barracuda (Heart song). Not sure about approaching the right way/prime numbers (it’s a System 7 game?)
  • Godzilla: A sea monster (like Triton), that is sometimes bad/sometimes good, and has a child (Baby Godzilla).
  • JackBot: A robot (like Talos), but person-sized (children of hydra’s teeth) that you gamble with. His father Pin*Bot visited Neptune, Triton’s father, a.k.a. Poseidon.
  • Argosy: The entire story is based off of Jason and the Argonauts. (sailing, Triton, Talos, child of hydra’s teeth)
  • High Speed: The pun: quickly “rowed” => quickly rode into the sunset through the trees (on the backglass/patch). 73 * 2 = 146mph (on the backglass), ate some “CHiPs”.


“Barracuda” was also the working title of Fathom, according to IPDB. :frowning:


Very good. The prime numbers angle was for Indivisibility, the only common English word with six i’s … the Barracora has 6 eyes visible.


I was having trouble deciding between Fathom and Barracora… sea nymphs are also strangely friendly snake-people!

For fun, here’s the other (incorrect) sunsets + trees + rowing/riding we found…

and bonus… GoldenEye 007 (prime) chips… :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought fish and chips sealed the deal :slight_smile:


Despite having the answers given, I am also still sticking with Medusa. It is a winged harpie with many serpent heads. You need to approach it the right way to pass by unscathed. #notbitter


3rd clue time!!

Everyone can answer again!

Ok…here we go…good luck…

Quick, ‘Run and Hide’!!


Super well done Megan Sprague!!

Safe Cracker added to Main!


Random or fixed dice rolls?




…and the final game in main is…


And since Escher Leftkoff answered this for almost every trivia, he gets a INDISC pin or patch too! :wink:


Will it include the new code? :wink: