Indianapolis event May 7-9th, 2015

Local theater company is performing ‘Tommy the Musical’ so you gotta have some pinball! See if you want to buy tickets to the show.

Bally Table King Pinball Tournament Open to all ages & Skill Levels. WPPR points approved.

Subject to slight changes, check website for updates

When: May 7th – 9th, 2015
Qualifying: Thurs May 7th @ 6p-10p
Friday May 8th @ 6p-10p
Saturday May 9th @ 10a-2p

Unlimited attempts across 5 machines ($1 per attempt + coin drop if no credits) - Keep highest score on each game => Best 5 score cumulative total = Overall Rank - Tourney Games MUST have scorekeeper before playing - All ‘Tourney Machines’ played as non-tourney & ‘Non-Tourney Machines’ are 50 cents. - All coin drop to be split between Trophy Fund ($70 Max) & Theater Donation ($100 min) (ie, $212 would be $70 for Trophies and $152 for Theater)

Playoffs A & B Brackets (Maybe C) - Roll Call @ 2:15p May 9th Everybody Qualifies for a Playoff Bracket - A Bracket will be top Half or less (top 8, 12, 16) - B Bracket will be next lower group - (C Bracket Last Group) - (ie, 23 Players = A 8, B 8, C 7) or (11 A & 12 B)…(24 Players = A 12, B 12, no C)

Games TBD (Delta Queen, Corvette, WCS 94, IRONMAN…) If you want to bring a game, please let me know.


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I plan on going to this. Should I sign up somewhere or just show up? I will be there Friday at 6.