Indiana Jones in tournament

I’ve noticed you don’t often see Indiana Jones (The good one) in tournaments.

Is this because people think it’s a poor tourney game, maintenance issues, or just because people don’t like hauling it around?

Any thoughts?

We’ve been using it for like 4 months in our twice a month tournaments. I see no issue with it.

It’s an ass kicker.

Tends to be a long playing game in tournaments, which might be a concern.

Tends towards multiball-all-day. I don’t know if there’s opportunity/place to do so, but double-wides on the lock shot would probably make it more interesting.


No ball save would help, no? Shooting that center Bank can have unfortunate results.


Is there setting to turn off the Eternal Life you get on factory from an immediate L Outlane drain off the center drops?

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Yes. Wish I knew whether it was selecting Tournament Mode that did it or if there’s a separate setting, but I do not. Someone here will, though.

Yes there certainly is. In fact I already turned it off.

Power drains off a drop target smack and it’s curtains.

I still have regular ball save on from cheap launch pop drains might leave it on but cut it to 3 or 4 seconds so you don’t get as many free shots at the drops.

Sounds good. If you drain in 3.9 seconds and I drain in 4.1 seconds surely you deserve an extra ball and I don’t . . . sounds SUPER FAIR :smiley:

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I hear you. But, by that reasoning, no game should have any ball saver, ever, not even during multiball.

Pinball isn’t a particularly fair game anyway. All the quirks, and airballs, and malfunctions, and weird debounce algorithms see to that. (“What, your tilt bob hit the ring three times and you kept your ball, and mine hit the ring four times and I tilted? Terribly unfair!”)

Life ain’t always fair!

When was pinball ever advertised as being fair?

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Not ever, as far as I know. (If it was, I’d like to know what the guy who said it’s fair was smoking. Because I’d want to try that stuff, too…) :wink:

it was at the NWPC this years, and PAPA last year too no?

it went very well, was set up hard (no outlane ball save on drop target it, usual tight slings, open outlane, no right outlane return rubber for narrow escape and a tad floaty like PAPA had it) and to “motivates” player to not do MB all day, large yellow cone rubber on lock shot.

it was not a long playing game.


It’s all of the above. Typically it’s always long playing and it seems to break down alot.

We really need a custom rom that forces some sort of multiball qualifier, like completing the indy targets or something.

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The other important piece here is to make sure that the mode start scoop doesn’t reject often. I don’t think I saw a scoop reject at NW champs and it made going for modes a lot more enticing.

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Can confirm that game was the nastiest game I played in the Main bank. I think my 25 second long game was actually on the stream :rage:

Easier said than done! My hole is about 50/50 (if you know what I mean.)

Leaning toward Flintsones instead, open outlanes, 2 second ball save (just like at ifpa nationals last year!). Fun game, pretty simple, and lots of rock puns.

took a lot of work, went through everyone advice on Pinside to make it >95%, removing backet, dead bounce foam, dropping saucer lower from under PF… fun game!