Inconsistent IFPA Name Capitalization

Anyone else’s OCD making them freak out with the increased frequency of mismatched capitalization of player names? (e.g., Joe smith, joe Smith, JOE SMITH, etc)

Did something change recently with player registration or did it just start bothering me?

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Names are created based on how a TD first submit them :slight_smile:

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PlAyeRs cAn EMaiL uS To UPdAtE TheIR PRofiLe nAME


Well… here’s to hoping they actually do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots of players don’t give a bleep. Witness some who haven’t even updated their location for many years.

Sometimes there are duplicates that haven’t been rectified, like this one is:

International Flipper Pinball Association! (with a 1993 tournament in his profile!)

Erik vs. Eric spellings were to blame here.

Hey… I know Erik. I’ll have to give him grief about that next time I see him at D82.

I wince every time I see it~



Be careful what you wish for. One smartass in league now gets his name written backwards by league software.

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Yeah, there are many interesting profiles around. This 4-year-old has an impressive tournament history, for example:

This profile here is fully legit:

Age 7 now with his first WPPRs earned in 2017! I strongly suspect that it was all center buttons for him back then


Why is age even a field - especially a displayed field in the public profile?

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In my neck of the woods you can always tell if someone’s first tournament was with a specific TD because their name will be all lowercase.

People can leave it blank, but it’s useful for eligibility for Juniors and Seniors events.