Inaugural Australian Women's Pinball Championship Today

The very first Australian Women’s Pinball Championship is happening tonight, on the Gold Coast in sunny (not so sunny now as the cyclone goes through) Queensland!

See below for the list of competitors for this inaugural event:

  1. Hollie Mills
  2. Esther Ahronheim
  3. Naiomi Goodwin
  4. Kirsty Watt
  5. Irene Watt
  6. Dana Pepcak
  7. Michelle Clark
  8. Vicki Wills
  9. Mel Geeves
  10. Chelle McIntyre
  11. Lee Hutchinson
  12. Christine Allgaier
  13. Leolie Bayley
  14. Shellie Mills
  15. Alana Kelly
  16. Michelle Wykes
  17. Emily Cosson
  18. Tanya Lowe
  19. Sarah Bishop
  20. Evelyn Singh
  21. Cheryl Wright
  22. Carole Quinn

In attendance you will see Naiomi Goodwin who is Australia’s highest ranked women’s player, as well as many other great players. One of these is Dana Pepcak, and to celebrate this great Australian event, we have produced the latest Player Feature on Dana on my website Game the System:

Hope you enjoy and good luck to all the players!