In what games can you lose points?

The linked thread made me wonder what all the games you can lose point (other than rolling the machine) or give your opponent points.

  • Who Dunnit - roulette
  • Teed off - skins game
  • Champions Pub - cash bout
  • Gillian’s Island - give opponents points, although I think order doesn’t change.

What others? I know there are some trade scores out there.

Sopranos in the poker game.

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Road Show buying souvenirs


Lights,Camera,Action has a trade scores thing.

I have a 2 player Gottlieb Lariat (AAB version of Wild Wild West), where the varitargets each can be hit back to a certain point level ranging from 2,000-10,000 and extra balls (WOW), but the award must be collected at the corresponding saucers. However if you drain, the varitargets remain at their positions and the saucer awards can be collected by the 2nd player without having to hit the varitarget.

It’s not exactly the same, but I seem to recall that Monopoly has a Chance card like “Award all players 200,000”, which for competitive purposes is kinda like the active player dropping by 200,000.

Edit: well, maybe… I don’t recall the details of this award. If it’s award all OTHER players 200K, then it’s like the active player dropping 200K. If it’s award ALL players 200K, it’s basically a null award.

Non-competition rambling: if such an award pushes another (inactive) player over the replay score, are they awarded a replay?

Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Ball can swap scores as one of the ‘gifts’ at the end of the game.
TMNT maybe? @Law is that why we don’t use it in league?
Game notes at PAPA have good info:

Not what you’re looking for but another case of losing points.

I saw a game of Firepower in which the 1st player of a 2 player game gradually lost points on the solid state display as the game was played. The display was flickering and would lock onto different numbers. Also have see the game change tens digit between the end of a game that set the GC and then alternated between GC score xxx,x70 and a score xxx,x00.

I’m assuming we’re talking here about games where you can lose points by design, not due to glitchy hardware.

What about games that claim to award you a number of points, but don’t. Is that the same thing for the purpose of this discussion?

That’s actually a bug in firepower’s code. The highest scoring player’s score will always loose the ten’s digit because they reuse a memory location during attract mode for something else.


keep chasing those 999,990s

I like Firepower’s unique method of screwing the player: rip the spinner hard but drain before it comes to rest? No points for you!

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TMNT left the location we play at, prior to that it got picked a fair amount. I don’t think it has score swapping but it does have the Ninja bonus round for the top player at the end that is an issue for high score formats.

BBBB is a hot mess with the presents at the end of the game. Score swapping and points subtractions are possible.

Medusa actually does subtract points from your score if you hit the standups behind the upper playfield drops at the wrong time


Bally Speakeasy has a second button next to the flipper that you can activate for 25,000 points. In return it’ll reset any of the 5 targets /rollovers that were hit out of the right to left sequence. I don’t know if it can be done more than once but it’s worth it as it’s an add-a-ball game.

Doesn’t Q-Bert’s Quest (not that it shows up much in competition) have a thing where if one of the monsters gets to a certain space you lose points?

“Vegas” from Gottlieb, has a “double or nothing” chance mode. It took my score to zero at a pinburgh a few years ago.


Police Force allows you to take the leader’s score. Can’t remember right now if they swap with you or not.

It actually adds the leader’s score to your own (including doubling your score if you are the leader). I was at a location a while back and some of us were playing this together. One party finished ball 3 with a fantastic game and had what was going to be the new GC score. The next party stepped up and successfully did the ramp repeat that adds the highest score to yours, so he had his score plus the first player’s. So the first player never actually got to be the GC!


You can effectively disable this by changing the ramp requirement in the settings. Right ramp twice isn’t too bad… right ramp nine times, good luck with that. If the player manages to do that they deserve the award IMHO.