IMG sizzle reel - Pinball Wizards

It’s been a couple of years, but I finally got the okay to post the sizzle reel from our attempted reality show concept with IMG Productions. This was filmed at Pinball Expo 2014.

Apologies for the language . . . it was before I started trying to cut back to 2 packs a day :wink:


Boom! Take THAT shit!


Nice video!

I feel so lucky that I can drive to a local movie theater for a trip down TWD release-code memory lane. :expressionless:

Video turned out awesome! Would have loved to see more of this

Extremely good quality editing and captured the tense nature of a launch party finals. ONLY a couple years? Josh, you looked so much younger. What happened to you bro? LOL…

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Her name is Charlotte :slight_smile: