IM 4x Jericho

Game is frustrating the hell out of me. I’m trying to get 4x playfield before going into Jericho. In lieu of choking on the shot every FING time can someone just tell me that it is possible so I can stop trying? thanks.

I’m fairly certain the DOD double and double PF don’t stack.

I think it’s worse than that. If I remember correctly, when the 2x timer runs out, the scoring reverts back normal scoring (I think it still shows that it’s double scoring, but it isn’t!). It certainly isn’t 4x scoring. I remember doing this exact test once and was disappointed by the results.

I may have to try this again, it was the older (50 million DOD countdown) code that I remember this on.


i will stop going for that then. So best thing would be to 2x DOD hurry up which would hopefully set up 2x Jericho

You’d probably end up in the same boat. If you get a 2x DOD hurry up, it’ll be from the Iron Man targets, which has a timer. When that timer ends, it’ll take away the 2x multiplier, so you’ll end up with 2x Jericho only for a few seconds, then it’ll be 1x.

I really need to test this again, it’s been awhile since I’ve even tried to stack 2x with DOD.


This is no longer correct. It was correct in early versions of code. My understanding is that it is possible to get 4x scoring now. How would you stay in 4x Jericho for more than a few seconds??

Can we take a step back to clarify for a moment…

What are the two ways of getting 2x? Iron Man targets and…?

Just had a game the other day where I started 2x from Iron Man, started DOD. And hit DOD at 27.5m, which went to 55m…which then started Jericho. It was my longest Jericho ever, but I didn’t complete it. My Jericho total was 38m.

So…was I in 4x?

Does Jericho always start 2x?

You get 2x playfield for hitting DOD hurry up.

Not sure what you mean by your question about staying in Jericho for more than a few seconds.

If new code allows 4x than best situation would be start 2x through IM targets then hit DOD hurry up for 70 million which would have you in 4x. Next shot would be to start Jericho, could be in 4x for a bit and then would remain in 2x from the DOD award.

I just mean it doesn’t seem like something to go ballistic over trying to get, because you won’t be able to stay in it for very long :slight_smile:

I stand corrected then. I’m glad this was fixed, it was a bummer to lose the 2x when the timer ran out!

Thanks, Bowen!

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Oh, totally. That felt like such a ripoff!


Jericho starts at 1x.

You can only bring in an untimed 2x playfield by completing DoD prior to Jericho. The 2x feature expires when the ball drains, so if you have Jericho on carryover, it will resume at 1x.

You can bring in a timed 2x scoring by completing the second set of Iron Man targets (must hit it any IM target one more time to activate).

The problem is that the intro to Jericho explaining what to do cannot be aborted and the 2x timer runs during the whole sequence while the ball just sits there held by the post. By the time you are at your first level, the timer will be over.

Thanks for the explanation @pinballcorpse

I think every time I’ve had DOD, I’ve gone straight into Jericho, so wasn’t sure what was what.

Pretty sure the up-post can be disabled in software, so that’s always an option. :slightly_smiling:

Taylor, it’s not something worth beating yourself up over. You have to time it just right to be in Jericho with 4X scoring for more than just a few seconds. Just get used to getting that 2X DOD hurry-up. That’s where the big points are.

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