IFPA16 - Session #1 groups

The reason I ask is because if this explains the flippers going dead, I can scratch that off the consequence of the bug that occured. Which, of course, I have been looking into and would like to be able to dig out.

To me, it looked like the ball on the way out brushed against the left gate for the mist ball. Could this have triggered the bug?

There is nothing about the situation that occurred that makes me believe it is conclusively a software issue. In fact, I am much more inclined to believe it was hardware. Was there anything that made you think otherwise?

The game has a data variable, that when set at the wrong time will make the game replicate what we saw in that IFPA game 100%. The premature loss of ball, the auto plunge of the next player and the feed right away of a secondary ball.

The variable is associated the multiball ball saver implementation. Which explains the auto plunge. Weird it causes end-of-ball, right. Well, that is a whole other story, where I believe there is a genuine bug.

There are only two little problems. One, the flippers does not go dead because of this, isolated. Two, there is no smoking gun (yet) of how and when this is incorrectly set. Neigher incorrectly not reset. This is including a decent set of imaginable switch input shenanigans.

There is another data variable, associated the lost balls compensation, that will make the flipper go dead at end-of-ball. This may actually be replicated. Just start a game with three balls installed instead of four. And why should this make any difference, and have the flippers die, one wonders. Just more BSD WTF.