IFPA16 - Session #1 groups

Zach said next year IFPA WC is in Florida. Anyone know where and or who is sponsoring?

Pinball Asylum in Fort Myers.

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If you would like to listen to an in-depth, three hour (no, really), recap of the recently played IFPA-16 World Championships with @Adam and @cayle, you can do that here:

It’s just an “old school” MP3 file so there is no way to like or subscribe or share or even find it anywhere else, lol, but please enjoy.


Escher’s Dad

p.s. There is some adult language contained in this thing.


Always enjoy the conversations between you guys! Takes me back to your old post-commentary videos.

Agreed on all points regarding the EM lineup. Woof

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Pork Tar Tar, with onions!

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Great job. Love hearing top players discuss their strategy/mindset during different points in a tournament. You need to do more of these ED!

^^^ THIS!!

best combo of pinball commentators :smiley:


I am interested in the comment that there is no point repeating the right ramp on CFTBL. On the one we have on location, you can hit RR, hold up left flipper, roll over and get either a perfect craddle, or pretty easy on the fly backhand. So the popular strategy in are league is to play video mode and super scoring repeatedly. The EV on taking the scoop shot seems worth it on the super scoring.

That’s a good point, and I’ve used that tactic/sequence before. But on the CFTBL at IFPA16, the R flipper wasn’t strong enough to backhand the R ramp, nor was R ramp feed to the L flipper fast enough to do a safe ski jump to a R flipper cradle.

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I think there are a lot of individual games/setups that are certainly exception to strategies. If your CFTBL is letting you beat up a shot, more power to you. #askmehowIknowyoucanget100kissesoncreature

That said, I feel like right ramp all day is not a strategy I would employ on an average creature.

I like to think about Points Per Flip (PPF) and/or Points per minute (PPM).

Imo, Spelling film the first time has crazy high EV as risk is very low. You can phone in spelling most letters (F, L, M), and if you hit your shots on the scoop, then you get “I” without the ball leaving your control. The potential of game breaking super JP scores is so crushing that the value stays very high even after the first MB. (YMMV if the creature plays like crap and you can’t have a good multiball for whatever reason.)

Creature relies heavily on a player’s ability to manage the feed from out of the pops. imo every creature is manageable, sometimes with more or less skill. (live trap after a bump off the rail? do nothing and bounce to a trap? Something else?). Given that, move your car has very decent points per shot, and I would argue is better value for risk than right ramp.

So with the right ramp and video mode and super scoring, how many times are you shooting that ramp? Quite a few, and the playout on video mode/ super score is so-so when thinking of PPF/PPM.


I love the discussion. Considering I don’t think I have ever actually hit a super in my life on CFTBL, I think that biases by opinions. Iove hearing the risk reward thoughts of top players, and I am a better player for realizing the best approach for me is different than that of a top 92 player :slight_smile:



Calling IFPA16 participants.

Do you recall, if the BS Dracula game had the flippers go dead while counting bonus up?

It will, if adj. A.1 32 is set to Yes. But it defaults to No. And it happened to Daniele.

Check the tape but as I remember it, the flippers going dead were the first clue that there was a problem.

Don’t know. iirc, the game was set to the European factory default, which, i believe is Hard or ex hard.

The A.1 32 is the setting that allows you to rush the bonus count by holding the flippers. If set to Yes, the flippers will always go dead (on this game).

It defaults to No (on this game). And does so on all regions and pre-sets if I am not mistaken. But, who knows if someone had enabled this at some point.

I agree, I don’t think there aren’t any presets that change No Bonus Flips.

But how would that have mattered? If flippers stayed enabled, his ball still would have ended, and now he’d potentially be affecting Johannes’ next ball. Isn’t that worse?