IFPA15 - Session #1 groups


Trying to limit the amount of “pinball stuff” I do at home this past week on the off chance my wife won’t change the locks before I get home next week :slight_smile:


you tell me, i spent 3 days working on the house yard with the Mrs! :slight_smile:


Looks like we might have another Zac Vs. Zach.
I don’t think he will let me go 3-0 :wink:


Hmmm these pinball wives must be in sync. I expensed these under “IFPA Power 100 Championship expenses” this past weekend.


You wouldn’t be paired in round one since while you might be the 64th person in, you’re not the 64th person ranking-wise.


Good point :slight_smile:


is the tournament being streamed anywhere?


We’ll be streaming live as best we can with limited bandwidth on the Buffalo Pinball Twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/buffalopinball for those not following the channel). We’ll also be recording in higher quality for later upload/viewing after the fact.


ifpa site is down. Epstein cup results anywhere?



29 US, 22 Europe if I heard correctly


What are the details for tomorrow? I can’t check IFPA since it’s down.


Because when the world championships of pinball is going on, the LAST thing you want is to elevate the awareness and visibility of pinball across the globe and generate media coverage and corporate backing to bring the sport of competitive pinball back into the spotlight. :slight_smile:


as per Josh, 9am check in Brian.


Are results being posted anywhere?


Results are supposed to be here once started:


As a reminder, the stream is here; right now, it’s just showing a down-the-aisle feed, no game play:


Update, now showing side view of play on Stargazer; looks like the scene will vary. Playfield and scores not visible, but check back frequently, will likely change often.


How does the scoring work? Noticed round 1 Jorian and Raymond have 21 points, others have 19.


3 games, IFPA scoring (7/5/3/1)




folks with apostrophes or other unicode characters in their names are not showing up (e.g. Brian O’Neill and Damien Charléty)


I was just going to say - the results are only showing 60 players. If there were only 60 players I would’ve tried to get into the tournament!! :smiley: