IFPA14 dates have changed to June 2-4

Posting here for those that didn’t see it on our site:

Due to some Sharpe family conflicts with Memorial Day weekend that have surfaced, we have been forced to move the dates of the IFPA14 World Pinball Championship to the following weekend.

Epstein Cup/Practice Session will be Thursday, June 1st, with IFPA14 taking place June 2nd-4th.

More details on the schedule for all the Pre-IFPA events will be posted soon.

Oh well. So much for my chance to go! Thanks for organizing, as always.

I’ve been told “family > pinball”… Trying reallllllly hard to buy into that :wink:

Thanks for considering attending! Been a while since we saw Euro-Bowen.

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That’s the reason I can’t do June 4 :slight_smile:

Euro Bowen is undefeated! Can’t risk that!