IFPA13 cut line

We’ve run 8 IFPA WC’s, and we are 8 for 8 on at least two people canceling that were originally registered . . . so I would say the odds are in favor of that happening again.

Remember there is also the Satellite Spot available for the highest finisher at Nationals that isn’t already in the IFPA field. Kevin Stone made it in last year via this exemption.

(Same goes to the highest ECS Finals finisher not already in the field - I believe this was Jan Anders last year)

The way the blog post and Overview are written, I was assuming it was 2 satellite spots total, and they might both go to Nationals finishers or both go to ECS Finals finishers depending on outcomes. If it’s 1 for each - and I think that’s reasonable - you might want to reword a bit them to clarify.

Interesting information Josh, thanks! If I don’t get in any other way, I’ll likely be around on April 12th hoping for an opening! :smiley: (I fondly remember claiming one of the satellite spots at the MGC in 2010 to enter my first IFPA World Championships. Even though I lost in the finals (against you, Zach, and one other person) I was the highest finisher.)

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Fixed! :slightly_smiling:

Awesome. Now I’ll try to pull of the same semi-miraculous set of circumstances that would have gotten me the satellite spot last year if I didn’t have to decline it.

I predict Greg will be on one side of the other of the cut line and either way i’ll never hear the end of it :smiley:


I’m just happy I won’t be bubble boy again.


I have a bad feeling I will end up bubble boy but am staying optimistic, feels like a coin flip. Timballs will def never hear the end of it regardless. Josh can I show up to iFPA and hang out as the potential alternate if I end up 63-64? Would be honored to get to compete but happy to hang and watch as a back up and make papa an extended vacation.

I’ll make sure you’re on the guest list lol

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I feel like I should sell my spot at 61 if I’m the cut line, or the cayle predicted cut line.
It’s also a feeling of, do I want to be the lowest ranked player there? Guess I have three days to decide to PayPal the payment over.

Adam, although this may encourage you to play (LOL), I suspect that you won’t be ranked last in terms of seeding. You’ll just be last in terms of getting in.

Henning from Denmark is highest now at #837

There’s also “but it’s fun” and, like Powerball, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Shhhhhhh. Don’t encourage anyone above me to play.


That’s an interesting question actually, is PAPA going to be open to spectators? Previous IFPA’s usually have been was curious if this one would be since it’s being held at PAPA.

Nope, not open to the public.

I’ll be working out things with MHS similar to Freddy’s in Germany. Players and if they have a guest will be fine.

Gotta get the wives on the needle point, cross stitching extravaganza like every other year :slight_smile:

I’m assuming the unused PAPA games will be on to practice on?

That’s up to the PAPA guys as the hosts as to whether all the unused games will be available, or just a row or two for our group.

We’ll be setting up the normal ‘charity box’ like we do every year for practice games. I plan on getting with MHS after registration closes for how it will all play out.

Is the as-of January 1st 2016 ranking available anywhere? Maybe I do not know what I am doing, but trawling the IFPA website I did not find it.

The rankings are on the registration page: