IFPA Tournament Submission Questions

I have two questions regarding submitting tournaments to the IFPA calendar. I’ve done it before, but I did a 12 month chunk and it appears that things might have changed. Either that, or I’m now old and forgetful. :slight_smile:

Anyway, we hold tournaments on the 3rd Saturday of the month. There is a “date range” box at the bottom of the page if it’s a reoccurring tournament, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to specify frequency (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.). Am I missing something?

The second question revolves around the $1/pp/event fee…and keep in mind I’m not trying to incite another riot here. :smiley:

My assumption is that I can register the tournaments, but there isn’t anything that keeps me from not submitting results and not paying the fee? The other officers and I haven’t made a decision as to if we are going to continue submitting for our leagues and tournaments, but should we decide to continue, I’d like to have them registered.

The date range box isn’t what you’re looking for – that’s for multi-day tournaments. To the left of the date range is the ‘Single Date’ box. To submit multiple tournaments at once under the same name (i.e. your monthly), select the nearest tournament date and click ‘Add Date’. Then simply repeat the process, adding further tournaments to be submitted to the calendar.

I don’t think that anyone can force you to submit a tournament result (which would force them to take money from you), but if I were a player in a tournament that you had on the IFPA calendar (a common determining factor for players travelling to a tournament) and you didn’t submit it, I’d be pretty upset.


That’s a very good point and something I didn’t take into consideration.

I agree 100%. However, note that the calender allows (or at least use to allow) for submission of non-WPPR events, like PAPA B division. If it is non-WPPR that should be clear for people planning travel.

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We do keep a log of TD’s that register events and either cancel them, never submit, edit the date, etc. We have an internal trust level for TD’s on our back end that would lead us to simply not sanctioning any tournament run by that TD should these kind of issues come up often enough.

uh-oh… :slight_smile:

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Is this like some kind of Tournament Director Uber Star Rating? I’m (almost) hesitant to submit a date change now for an upcoming event (as it conflicted with a large regional show) for fear of dinging my “TD Rating”.

I wouldn’t worry about it. We understand that date changes and even cancellations happen.

At some point it’s more about the number of times “something is happening” with a given TD (also understanding that some TD’s run a ton of shit, so the number of times something comes up is going to be higher for them).

We use it as mostly a positive system, focusing on TD’s that we know understand the TGP system and grading procedures REALLY WELL (some know it probably better than we do lol). We’ll mark these TD’s as “trusted” and often just pass through their results as instantly “approved” rather than going through the process of re-calculating out TGP.

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Submitting results today and encountered a comical message.
One line of my submission was for a new player- “24,Jakob”

The review page flagged it with the following:
Player Name Not found - Did you mean: ‘Bacon’?

No pinwiz, I did not mean Bacon. lol


I’m going to guess that Levenshtein is to blame: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levenshtein_distance