IFPA Tournament question

We have been trying to figure out if our pinball club would be considered private by IFPA standards for tournaments. Membership cost $20-30/month depending on how many months you purchase. So if we held a tournament and non member came they would first have to pay for a membership and then pay a tournament fee. There is nothing stoping them from participating. Here is the IFPAs definition:

After reading that link, I think you would be fine. It’s open to anyone. The fees would be the same because your members have already paid the membership fee. Any new(or one time players) have to pay the same fee, so it would just be the equivalent of the tourney entry fee. I’m sure Josh will chime in but your situation seems legit to me for IFPA tournaments.

i would agree, private is similar to restricted (IFPA ranked, gender, age) which forcefully eliminated possibility for players to join if they want to. Membership/entry fee would not restrict anyone (giving funds).

It’s no problem at all assuming anyone can pay they membership fee and become a member.

So hypothetically if I wanted to host a tournament called the “big baller’s billionaire club” and charge a $5000 entry fee, it would still be cool? What if it was by special invite only?

Charging a $5000 entry fee is fine.

Having it special invite only is not.