Ifpa tgp, 5 players in finals, 2 4player games?

Follow up to my earlier inquiry -

If I have 5 players in finals, and we play 2 four player games between seeds 2-5 to eliminate one player, then two four player games among those three survivors plus the one seed to determine the winner, is that 8 TGP?

25% chance the winner plays 1 round. 75% chance the winner plays 2 rounds.

Each round of two games is valued at 2X, so it’s 4 TGP per round.

EV for rounds = (.25 * 1) + (.75 * 2) = 1.75

1.75 rounds * 4 TGP per round = 7 TGP total

The TGP guide says 4 meaningful games for a 5 person ladder. So shouldn’t this one be rounded up to 8 meaningful games?


That’s based on 1 game per round, which then already gets rounded up. No double rounding up! :slight_smile:

2 games per round almost seems more like a PAPA style group with 2 games per round?

I’m not quite sure how the last player is eliminated if you play two games, besides having a scoring system for finishing positions?

We are playing papa style 4-2-1-0, but we only have two machines at our selfie finals. So, interesting things are bound to happen, especially because we don’t have keys.