IFPA / TD pre ruleing reqest / talk (stern insider connected)

If they have free and paided levels per player then must all games be locked to free mode? offline / local tournament mode?
If the network goes down the game must not turn off anything mid game?
What about in Herb format? NO online play? Games must be able to let people use online stuff even if network is down at login time? (work like old dial up golden tee?)


We’ll have to wait and see what Insider Connected even includes as well as the All Access (paid) version. My assumption is that it won’t change the core game, just add additional things outside of the core game to do like Challenge modes or additional trophies/achievements. So until Connected is implemented, we won’t really know if there are any potential issues with competitive pinball.


Given that three of the top 50 players in the world work at Stern it’s a safe bet the effect on competitive pinball has been considered. I guarantee @pinwizj has been consulted as well.

What do the levels do in your hypothetical?

Same answer, depends on what is being offered by the levels.

I don’t understand your question, can you restate it?

I’ve seen nothing to suggest this is a possibility or a requirement, why is this a concern at this point?

Let’s say there is an network issue and some games played in an Herb format have some modes locked out as the network is down at the time the player try’s to login for there game?

What about in an 4 player game let’s 1 and/or 2 and/or 3 players are able to login but on player 2 and/or 3 and/or 4 can’t do to an network issue and some modes are only open to players that logged in?

What if there is an mid game network outage and some modes auto lock out?

What there are boosts that are paid add ones that players can buy for there account that can be used in game?

What there just things like the player must have an paided account to play mode X and that mode is locked out for free level players?

Must TD’s offer free wifi to players?? Must TD’s cover roaming fees? If games are online and the TD wants all players to login?

You seem to think that specific modes in the game wont be available without a paid subscription. For example: only half of the songs in Led Zeppelin or only 6 out of the 8 episodes in TMNT. It is very unlikely that this will be their approach to implementing this technology. More likely, it will be things like the “Challenge Modes” they’ve been including in some of the newest games that function as an entirely separate game essentially.


What if they made a mode similar to competition settings? You really don’t think they thought of those things?

Issue is we don’t know what it even is yet so we can’t speculate how it COULD effect the scene. But once we get more information and it launches then definitely we can talk about what to do.

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From Replay Magazine: Stern to charge monthly fee for code and features associated with online platform.


All-Access Connected is a subscription version of the experience, focused on providing additional player features along with behind-the-scenes development stuff, early access, special events and quests. In the future, we intend to create exclusive game extensions, such as special access to new modes or new rules and features to increase the All-Access Connected value.

not fully clear if it’s per player subscription? or per game (op) side subscription?

How does competition handle the Goat mode topper? I’m sure we will be able to disable these things same way we can change settings in a game

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I’m curious on how IFPA will handle sanctioning tournaments run on the system. Back when I ran TOPs tournaments, they awarded piddly points. The argument was that since no TD was present, shenanigans could occur.

Check out some of the names in the tourney below and the points awarded.


edit: lack of potential qualifying/ playoff games was also a consideration

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