IFPA SCS challenge: Most states played in; most states currently qualified in

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it:

A. Using the ifpapinball.com site, find the player who has played an event in the most US states in 2015.

B. Find the player who is currently in top 16 position in the most US states.

For example, Andy Rosa has played in 4 states in 2015 and is currently in the top 16 in 3 of them. (But I’m pretty sure there are players with more in both categories.)


I’d be surprised if anyone topped Trent in either category.

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First player I looked at, and I know for sure someone has him beat currently.

EDIT: Hmm, or at least tied. :expressionless:

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I have 6 states Steve and top 8 in 5 of them :slight_smile:

All you NEPL people are clearly cheating the system. :slight_smile:

Basler and Trent have 5

Quite a few people have 5. Anyone with 6?