IFPA Results - Waiting for Points

Just wondering if this is normal or not. We submitted our league results to IFPA. The standings show up but there are no points awarded yet. I was thinking maybe this is normal and there is a lag between when the standings are submitted and when the IFPA points are calculated. Posting this here because I do not want to hound Josh and Adam on this any further than we have! =)
Here is a link to the results I am talking about: https://www.ifpapinball.com/tournaments/view.php?t=17609

Rebuild from last night got hung up.

@Shep will get to it at some point. PAPA week is already crazy so might be next week.

Ok thks for the reply. Trying not to bug you guys since you are busier than heck already. Just wondering if it is a 2 step entry process which I would consider this situation normal from here out. Is it safe to say that even if I did not mention anything, this issue would’ve been corrected in time?

Once you’ve submitted results and see the ranked results from your event it’ll get updated in time.

A one-week wait is completely normal - not a big deal and I’ve seen worse. When the “top 20” rankings change was going through a couple years ago, new events weren’t updated for almost a month.

I have occasionally seen events get missed (I believe it was a rejected submission without a rejection email), but once you see the results sans points you should be good to go. If you don’t see the placeholder positions with zero points go up after a couple days, that’s when you should probably contact Josh.

Exactly the info I was looking for. Thx!

To be clear - your submission was not rejected (based of the current state of the event page). Once the results are listed, the submission has been accepted and it’s just a matter of time until the database refreshes.

If you don’t see anything change after a week or so, either you missed the verification email and need to click another button or the event was rejected. If it is rejected you should get an email from the IFPA requesting additional information(meaningful games called out, etc.).

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If you see tournament results, but with no points, that means it’s been accepted and just waiting for the rebuild. Results won’t show up until they moved from the submission side of things. There use to be a message displayed when this was the case, but I must have removed it at some point. (another todo!).

Currently we’re having a rebuild issue with an really old tournament and not sure why. I’ll be fixed over the next day or so.


got my points for our recent league though it took a bit longer than usual. Glad to see them show though.